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Moderator Application

Byond Key - Schnayy
Age - 25

Time range(including time zone) - US Central, you know I never sleep.

Character Name(s) - Dahlia Korakov, Marigold Druthers, Venus Hellcat, etc. I've 69 character slots filled, I'm a maniac.

How long have you played SS13 - 3 years, I think? I started on polaris, so player age should show.

How long have you played on Polaris - See above.

Any previous moderating experience? - Trial modded before but left on my own decision due to being poorly prepared.

What are your strengths - I'm very active when I'm here, I have a good rapport with a large part of the community, I have experience watching staff handle ahelps, I'm clear with getting my point across and de-escalation.

What are your weaknesses - In addition to my activity, I sometimes disappear because I lose track of time. I have gotten better about this, and I have a good collection of people to drag me back. Additionally, as I am very active in the game, I will sometimes need to deadmin -- not only for myself, but to keep things fair for other players if I am playing a role like security.

What would you consider the biggest strength of the server, how could we keep maintaining that strength? - Community. The environment is, most often, welcoming. We should continue to encourage new players to keep coming back -- even if they make a few mistakes, they should still feel welcomed to come back and keep learning.

What’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it? - Population. Server side and staff side. The obvious contribution is the latter, as I'd branch out my staff participation. The former can be helped with player retention -- making sure people have a good experience on our server.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability -
  • An adminhelp comes in claiming a player is a potential griefer. Said player also happens to be a traitor.
Observe. See the quality of their antag play. If it is unacceptable, such as rp-less killings, they need to be talked to. We don't have many traitors, we don't want to jump the gun and discourage it.
  • A player is upset in deadchat about another player's reaction to something they did, but they are clearly in the wrong. How would you handle this?
Allow them to vent in deadchat. If it bleeds out into LOOC or other OOC, stop them. If they get too hostile in deadchat, talk to them. If it's a serious situation, politely offer input about why they may be in the wrong.
  • When interviewing several players, one is lying but you cannot tell who it is. How would you proceed?

Collect all the information I can. If another party was involved but was not interviewed, ask them about the situation if it warrants it. If it comes down to it, review server logs.

Can you attend bimonthly staff meetings on teamspeak?- (Generally on Sundays at around 5pm EST) Yes.

Preferred means of contact - (Teamspeak, Discord, IRC) Discord, teamspeak, messenger pigeon, fax, smoke signals.

Anything Else You Want to Add - Chitter chitter. I've applied before and have left due to stress and burn-out. I believe the circumstances that brought that on me have changed, including having a large amount of experience watching server staff as an Event Manager. I would love to contribute more. Consider this my last "attempt" at a mod position: if I can't do it now, then it just isn't for me. P.S., pograt.

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