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Nagito Komaeda
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Sat Aug 15, 2020 9:42 pm

BYOND Key: N. Komaeda

Species you want to apply for: Unathi

Name of Characters In-game: Talis, Derek Malton, Torek Falanx

How long you've been playing Polaris: I think around a month and a half.

Some example names of the species: Ssterios Krassel, Risilail Mesaiel, Rasikl Ksoris, Iosrik Letros of Stakruk

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
Unathi are usually very tall, bipedal lizards who hail from Moghes. The usual Unathi body is quite rigid and tough, covered fully with scales and a tail to boot. The Unathi possess great regenerative capabilities, which is what helps them grow this big in the first place. The Unathi have a snout, and a mouth decked out with many, many teeth. Just like snakes, the Unathi also have a forked tongue, that they use to 'taste' the air, which basically means smelling. Inside, the main differences are their ribcage, which goes all the way down to the lower body, and the kidneys are replaced with a much better organ for the filtration of alcohol. Unathi are cold-blooded, and as such they do not like low temperatures. Good thing they've lived on an arid desert planet all this time. The Unathi have claws on their hands and feet, five and three respectively. Because of this, combined with their bulky size, their apparel is different from normal humanoids.

The culture of the Unathi is filled to the brim with religion. They live according to The Unity, a religion that brings them together for their divine purpose. The Unathi believe that they have been put in the galaxy to prepare for a big war against The Unmaker, a devilish entity that threatens to consume everything in existence. While they fear the Unmaker, the Unathi also worship five different spirits. The Giver is thanked for her gift of life that she has given all Unathi in the galaxy. The Illuminator serves as a guide, a helpful force in times of need. The Unathi worship the Illuminator for his knowledge and wisdom. The Builder is worshipped for his love of craftmanship, and according to the Unathi, he maintains the gates of the Afterlife. The Reclaimer is not worshipped by all Unathi, but mainly by the Redeemers. The purpose of the Reclaimer is to watch over the dead, anticipating the End of Time, where they will have to reopen the gate for the Unathi to fight against The Unmaker. The Trickster is the final spirit, a watcher of those who follow the Unity, and those who do not. When a Unathi is getting unbound due to his sins, the Unathi call upon the Trickster to take away the sinner's names.

The clans of the Unathi are divided in four distinct clans: The Unity clans, the Heretic clans, the Unbound Unathi and the Redeemers. The Unity Clans are all followers of their mighty religion, who believe that every Unathi serves towards one great, divine purpose. The majority of the Unathi are part of the Unity Clan, being led by a governmental body known as the Moghes Hegemony. This Hegemony is led by the Family Elders of the Unathi. The Heretic clans consist of Unathi who do not follow the Unity, or do not believe in it. Considering that the Unity does not declare heretic Unathi to be killed, there's more mental tension between the Heretics and the Unity clan. Finally, the Unbound wish to sever their ties with the Unathi clans, or they have been forcefully removed from the Unathi clans. Becoming Unbound is insanely traumatizing for the Unathi, because their religion and their nature is all about their clans. Finally, the Redeemers are Unathi from various clans, who came together as Unbound Unathi to form a new kind of clan. The Redeemers make sure to take in Unbound Unathi, and bring them through the process of redemption. This involves bringing them back to the Unity, but now under the clan of the Redeemers.

As a warmongering species, the Unathi are very well-versed in regards to technology. While this is usually more blocky, the Unathi desire function over form. Unathi engineering is prized for its durability at small sizes, with the Unathi Breacher Suit being an amazing example of this. While the Unathi have always worked with herbalism for their medicine, the introduction to the other species in the galaxy spiked an interest in research and medical services. They didn't really need amazing medicine in the first place, because of the sheer regenerative capabilities the Unathi already possess. Because they can regrow their limbs, prosthetics aren't something the Unathi use. Because of this, they are fully against the cyborgification of themselves and their brethren.

Together with their penchant for material engineering, the Unathi are very much focused on their work. They believe that their purpose is to bring improvements to the Unathi, to aid in the fight during the End of Times. This also comes back in the Formation and the Reformations of the Unity. These are:
- Formation: Live with honour, always try to learn, always work, for it makes your name.
- First reformation: Redemption of the Unbound is still possible, help them upon this path.
- Second reformation: Only those worthy of Redemption should attempt to seek it.
- Third reformation: Taking the life of a Unathi is akin to theft from The Reclaimer. Do not do so, as it is a waste of their potential.
- Fourth reformation: The Unity is not just for the Unathi. Those who are open to it, should be allowed in.

The Unathi have had various meetings with the different species in the galaxy. Their bonds are:
- Because of their relations with the Humans, the Unathi are mostly fine with them.
- The Skrell were the main reason that the Unathi lost during the First Contact, and they still resent the squid-headed diplomats for it.
- As a client species of the Skrell, the Unathi are not the biggest fan of the Teshari. Couple that with the usually small size of the Teshari, they are easily intimidated by the sheer bulk of the Unathi.
- While the Tajarans and the Unathi share some similarities, the Unathi are well aware that they would win in war with the Tajarans. Though this is a little bit of speculations, the Unathi make sure to let this be known when needed.
- As their own client species, the Unathi are very welcoming towards the Zaddat. Noticing that they too are part of the Unity, they're basically bro's for a while.
- While the Diona aren't as warmongering as the Unathi are, the sheer nature of the Dionae means that they are absolute investors into the future. Because of this, the Unathi like them, considering that all the Unathi do is in preparation for the End of Times, the war against the Unmaker.
- Prometheans are nothing out of the ordinary, and the Unathi don't have anything for or against them.

Why do you want to play this species?: I've played on Apollo since around end 2016, and somewhere in early 2018 I applied for Unathi there as well. Together with the Diona and the Zaddat, they're the most interesting alien species in my opinion, and they have a lot of potential traits, gimmicks and ticks for in their roleplay. Simple things like using the tail to express emotions, or intimidating other crewmembers. However, my main gripe with the Unathi lore on Apollo was that they were completely forbidden from using ranged weapons, because they were stigmatized as an 'Honourable Species', who wouldn't use something like that. I HATED that part of the Unathi, and it's something I really like about the Unathi lore on this server. Now my view of them gets shifted from honourable warriors to devoted craftsmen.

Anything else you wish to add:
Yeah uh I used to have a FBP Unathi RD but I don't think that one will fly under these rules so o7 Thanks for reading and do not roast me please

Nagito Komaeda
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Fri Aug 21, 2020 9:30 pm

Humbly bumping the thread.

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Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:40 pm

Alright, finally getting to this. A few things to correct you on:

1, Unbound aren't a clan, & heretic clans DO believe in the Unity. Heretic clans are a catch-all for clans that have broken away from the doctrine, and have been influential on changes in the Unity. Only Unbound do not follow the Unity, and not even all of them don't. The Unity was their entire life before their unbinding, after all!

2, Their relations with other species: I'd describe their relationship with the humans to be... strained. Especially due to recent events that have not been put on the Wiki now that I look. The Unathi mobilized into the Dark Triangle, a neutral part of space between Unathi, Skrell, and Sol space. People weren't too comfortable with that. For Taj: Unathi don't really actively threaten the Tajaran, it's more of an unspoken tension for the Tajaran to fear. They're for after the Conquering of Humanity. :p As for Zaddat, they are not bros. Zaddat are not the Unathi equals. They are their client race. They get along! But by no means is there an equal shake there.

3, Cyborgification. Yes, this is a deep set fear... for most of them. But you are allowed to play an FBP Unathi. They'd probably be a bit... quirky to be okay with it though. Similar with cloning. Unathi typically don't like it but there's not a hard rule against it.

4, Moghes is not a desert planet. It's a supercontinent with plains, savannahs, swamps, *and* deserts.

Now, for a few questions to get your noggin turning before I approve.

1, Give me an example of a character concept you have. I'd like to get the feel for your mindset for the lizards. This can be here or on discord, and doesn't need to be a big essay.
2, Is there a name for any of the Five Spirits?
3, Tell me a little bit about the general life cycle and education plan for an Unathi after one is born.

Thank you for waiting & for applying!

Nagito Komaeda
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Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:07 pm

Thank you for responding, and thank you for bringing up the points I missed. I'll make sure to keep them in mind from now on.

In regards to your first question, I had a few concepts.
Firstly, I'd like to make a poorer Unathi who'd work on the station doing mainly heavy work. Think things like Maintenance Technician, Shaft Miner. He'd be very work-focused, as decreed by the Formation of the Unity, but because of his financial status he's also kind of underfed and has some relatively bad manners. I made him with an antag gimmick in mind, namely a Unathi who would try to get his hand on food to feed himself and his family through more illegal means, or getting some more money in... some way. Maybe trading weapons 'gathered' from Research and Development.
The second concept I had was a Chaplain Unathi, who would be on station to preach the Unity, in accordance with the Fourth Reformation of the Unity. He would be wholesome and giving. There's nothing much else to it.
Finally, the RD FBP. When I played on Apollo, I made him as a bit of a joke, in some way. But I actually developed him to be a character. This Unathi would be a full body prosthetic, and a professor at an academy for science. He would be a man of pure science, and thinks teaching his work to others is very, very important. Originally, I thought of him as a normal person in a Unathi FBP, but I went away from that. Because it's been a while, I don't remember the reason he was, but I'm sure to justify it.

In regards to your second point, yes! The Giver, who I established as the one who gifted the Unathi with their lives, is also usually referred to as Uueoa-Esa. She's the only one of the five Spirits who actually has a name, and a defined gender as well!

Finally, your last point.

The Unathi are born in a clutch of one to three eggs. These eggs take half a year to gestate, after which they're brought to a warm area. Usually in around half a month or three weeks, they hatch from the egg. The hatchlings are very tender, and it could also be argued they're not sapient. The Unathi guard their children despite the possibility that the hatchlings would be able to defend themselves. This hatchling is usually quite aggressive to other hatchlings and other creatures. This is part of the reason they need to be watched over. If left alone, they'd probably kill themselves due to this instinctive behaviour.

After three years as a hatchling, the Unathi finally develops the ability to understand and recognize who is part of their family. This is usually defined as the Unathi who raised them. At this age, the small Unathi stop being aggressive and start being intelligent, working together instead of against each other. While quadrupedal from birth, the Unathi switches to bipedal movement at around five years old, and their body adapts to support this way of movement. This is also the moment in the life of a Unathi that they'll start understanding language, and it can sometimes take just about a year for them to say their first words. From this age until nine years, they keep developing their ability to speak. After having the basics, they also finally get their name from their parents.

Around fifteen years old, the Unathi starts growing bones. This hurts a shit ton, and this bone growth is comparable to the teething humans go through. Shortly after this pain, the Unathi will be put into school, into an education that's fitting of their skills and personality. This usually works as a guideline for the final profession the Unathi chooses, but it's not permanent. From fifteen to around twenty-four, the Unathi continues this education, after which they start understanding what interests them, what drives them. It's like a moment of understanding why Uueoa-Esa gave them the gift of life. This is the moment where they're actually put into an apprenticeship for that job, but they still get religious and basic education to support their apprenticeship.

At thirty-two years old, the Unathi are physically mature enough, but not yet adults. Between this age and forty, they keep learning from their masters. Unathi are considered adults at forty years old. This milestone is met with a ceremonial introduction to the Unathi clan. Sometimes, particularly prodigious Unathi are born, and there have been cases where these have been introduced in the clan at the age of thirty. From this point on, the Unathi continues their craft while also integrating into the Unathi society. Around eighty years old, the Unathi usually start bonding with a partner. It's explained that around this age, they are perceptive enough to discern instinct from thought. No exact idea how that plays into their pair-bonding, but I might be tired :v. I have my guesses, though.

Considering that Unathi can become very, very old, they usually master their craft at around two-hundred years old. From this point onwards, the Unathi is met with great respect and bewondering from the younglings in the clan, and a Unathi of this age usually takes in a wide array of apprentices themselves. There's nothing that really defines the difference between an adult and an elder, but there's a noticable point where the Unathi gain so much respect, that the elders consider them to take on many responsibilities. I think taking in apprentices is one of these, but again I might be tired hah. Anyways. Unathi don't have a maximum age, but the Unathi usually die at around three-hundred years old, perhaps even older, because their bodies can't take the gravity anymore. There's been Unathi who have circumvented this by living in a zero-gravity environment, or living underwater, but these aren't the best of solutions.

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Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:04 am

RD sounds like a good fit for a heretic clan. Approved, if you have any questions let me know! Have fun!


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