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Type: Dwarf Planet
Byname: The Phoron Basket
What Is It: Ryezen is a Desolate barren planet, the atmosphere is entirely composed of phoron. the planet is well known for it's immense mineral supply, the planet is small, it is only slightly bigger than Pluto. though Ryezen's surface is inhospitable, Underneath the surface is a humongous cave system that is survivable, the Cave System is known as Inner Ryezen, life is harsh and short in Inner Ryezen, humanity is at the bottom of the food chain due to deadly xeno fauna and flora. a civilization of primitive human's formed after a colony ship crashed into it 400 years ago underneath Ryezen. it is presumed that the cave system was formed by a ancient [REDACTED]

Mass: 1.30900 × 1022 kilograms
Radius: 1,187 km
Rotation Period: 153.3
Gravity: 10.807 m/s²
Distance: 149.6 million km
Orbital Period: Irrelevant due to no seasons.
Sattelites: 1 Moon known as Yzaak's Maw.
Discovery Date: 2490 AD
Surface Pressure: Earthlike
Surface Temperature: Surface: 658 Celsius
Inner Ryezen: -29 Celsius
Atmosphere: Surface: 100% Plasma
Inner Ryezen: 25% Oxygen
75% Nitrogen

Geography: The outside of Ryezen is made out of a harsh brown stone, the surface is rocky and mountainous, it is not uncommon to walk across a small hill, then walk across a mountain that reaches space. The temperature is as hot as fire, this is due to the atmosphere being made out of Phoron. a space suit is obviously required here, it is a death sentence without one. Furthermore the surface is covered in thick radiation which can quickly kill a unprotected human, there are gigantic crater's in the planet's surface. this is formed by [REDACTED] and meteors occasionally smashing into the planet.

Inner Ryezen is completely different, it is freezing in Ryezen and it is stuck in a perpetual winter due to it not having access to the suns light.

it is impossible to grow food underground here. it is completely underground with a immense cave system, jutting around everywhere. most of the land is tunnels under there, it is not uncommon to walk for one hour, then climb upwards for another hour, then climb down a hole for another five hours. some of the tunnels deep into a even more hellish cave system known as [REDACTED] some other tunnels lead to "bubbles" which are gigantic sphere like bio systems, in it it is possible to find mushroomlike life, water (albeit frozen water) and hostile alien life. 85% of the planet's life is located in these bubbles.

Most of the tunnel's are pitch black, what light there is, is created by green bio luminescent mushrooms similar to glowshrooms, a type of mushroom often grown on space stations.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure is mostly located underneath the crust of Ryezen, though there are several outposts owned by Nanotrasen, The infrastructure is new and state of the art. everything is incredibly well defended due to the health risks of Ryezen.

The Ryezeni's infrastructure is almost nonexistent, most Ryezeni live in strongholds similar to a medieval castle, instead they are completely sealed in order to prevent any attacks from flying creatures.

The Ryezeni worship the shuttle and all technology that comes through it, they claim that it is created by the Tekken's (Machine Spirits) which brought them to Ryezen. The priest's of the Tekken faith are known as Tekkai's which don't have a church system, but instead rely on oral tradition, each Tekkai preaches their faith differently, they aren't just priest's however, each Tekkai is taught how to use the decaying technology that they have, a regular Ryezen wouldn't know how to fire a rifle, but a Tekkai would.

The further deep you go into Inner Ryezen, the more chaotic and less built it becomes, if you go deep enough you will reach the land of the Yeznai, see the machine spirits as simple decaying tools, the Yeznai worship a different god known as Yemork, god of blood and destruction. most Yeznai are dead however, the Ryezeni are slowly driving them into extinction.

Even further deep you'll meet the [REDACTED]

Population: 2500

Nanotrasen Colonies: 70% Positronic
11% Unathi
9% Tajaran
4% Human
1% Other

Primitives: 500,000 Ryezeni. The Ryezeni are almost the same as Vatgrown humans, this is because they were grown on a colony ship.

94% Ryezeni
5% Yeznai

Industry and Economy: The Prime industry comes from the planet's humongous source of Phoron, it is the entire reason why it is colonized. In the surface of Ryezen there is a small tunnel leading to the surface, there miner's live and die collecting Phoron, though it is mostly Robots and xeno's that do the work due to the massive safety hazard of Ryezen. The worker's then bring the Phoron down into the Alpha Bubble and refine it, then they take it back up where it is sent off to be sold in the Core worlds.

Government: Nanotrasen Colonies: Marital Dictatorship: Due to the safety risks of Ryezen, the security team of Ryezen is put in utter control of it. it is said that the colonists of Ryezen are just as violent as the inhabitants beneath it, it is not uncommon for the colonies to fight each other for ownership of Ryezen. Captain of the strongest colony owns Ryezen, That captain is usually the toughest, most cunning and brutal person in order to survive the violent culture of Ryezen.

Ryezeni: Anarchy: The Ryezeni are shattered into thousands of different clans, each one usually having less than 100 people, the leader's of these clans are oftenly someone with religious or physical strength, they are usually called Warlord's. each clan has their own tradition's and customs. The Ryezeni are a warlike people, it is not uncommon for a Ryezeni warrior to take over only to be killed by a stronger soldier.

Notable Locations: the heart of the colony lies inside the Alpha Bubble, which is a bubble chosen for it's distance from the surface, the technology level is topnotch as most of the galaxies Phoron comes from this planet, for that it is well defended. The Alpha bubble is completely walled off with turret's surrounding the walls. It is almost impossible to break in using medieval means, This is done to keep out any hostile life bold enough to attack them, it also keeps out any Ryezeni raid's. They even take blood samples upon entry. This colony is known as Ryezen Prime.

Most of the Ryezeni infrastructure is located in the Gamma Bubble, where a massive 22nd Century colony ship crashed into the ceiling of it, causing it to stick out halfway in the surface and halfway in the bubble. The Ship is mostly broken and torn apart, it is decorated with Mycellium and the hides of xeno fauna, it is covered in moss aswell, it is clearly a old ship. in the Gamma Bubble, no weapons are allowed nor violence, it is seen as both a meeting place and holy ground.

The Ryezeni: The stereotypical Ryezeni is caucasian with red hair and green eyes, they tend to grow incredibly long hair which is often braided, the Ryezeni see hair as a source of strength, the man or woman with the most hair is often believed to be strongest. When a Ryezeni is defeated in battle, they are shaved completely bald in order to show the world their shame.

The Ryezeni believe that both Man and Woman are equal, as long as you are strong, the Ryezeni will respect you, though the same cannot be said for those who are weak, the old are killed as they are a waste of resources, as well as the sick and dumb, Ryezen is a harsh planet and it's people are even harsher. Slavery is legal in most clans, it is not uncommon for a stronger clan to enslave a weaker one. Cannibalism isn't seen as taboo in Ryezen either, after all food is scarce and human's carry a lot of meat.

They mostly tend to wear devilstrand, which is taken from gigantic mushrooms which are found in bubbles, they are used to make a leatherlike hide which is incredibly strong, most of the Ryezeni wear fur taken from xeno life and devilstrand leather.

History: The History of the Ryezeni is muddled and unknown, all history is told from the Tekkai's who each tell it differently. the dates below are estimations, the true date is unknown.

Somewhere in 2100 to 2150: A Pre-bluespace colony ship is launched off of earth, with the intent to colonize a new planet, inside the colony ship are 1000 vatgrown humans. however the ship's crew mysteriously disappears and the ship flies off into deep space.

2200: The colony ship smashes into the Gamma Bubble, as the ship lands, the cloning process starts and soon the first Ryezeni crawl out of the ship.

2300: a Prophet who can allegedly shape shift forms the Yeznai religion, the prophet calls himself the Avatar of Yamork god of blood. a big religious schism happens, with each clan either joining the Tekkai to kill the false prophet, or to protect him. after decades of endless war, the Yeznai lose, the prophet Yamork is burnt alive. The Yeznai are butchered and the remaining survivor's run into the deepest tunnel systems, where they hide in fear.

Though it is unlikely that the Prophet could actually shapeshift, other Tekkai's tell us that he could also come back from the dead and fought with a legion of black reptiles, though this is most definitely false and only exists to entertain.

2553: Nanotrasen colonizes Ryezen. Most of the clan's either embrace or hate the new clans, but due to the safety risks Nanotrasen hires a group of mercenaries to settle it alongside Nanotrasen Employees. Some of the more friendly clans are used as pawns by Nanotrasen against the other clans.

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There are serious consistancy issues with your proposal; please cross-reference what you've written with the main SolGov timeline at https://doku.ss13polaris.com/doku.php?id=lore:history .

(Also Nyx is incredibly far-off for a colonization prospect; it's pretty much at the edge of human space and butts up against the Tajara)

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could you point out some of the inconsistencies?. I'm going to read the lore but it's big as ever and I think I'll miss something.

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The core inconsistency is that humanity never sent out subluminal colonization vessels beyond humanity's inner systems; the first extrasolar colony, Heaven in the Alpha Centauri, was established using FTL colonization sometime in the decades before 2135. This kind of blows your premise a bit.

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Also more generally we don't redact elements of our lore, and a planet with a pure Phoron atmosphere would be kind of a big deal.

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Denied, locked and moved. If you're interested in working on the idea further, get in touch with me or another lorestaffer on Discord.

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