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Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:21 pm

BYOND Key: N. Komaeda

Species you want to apply for: ALL OF THEM. But Teshari.

Name of Characters In-game: Sstereas Kisisril, Haven Rasikl. Just like I said in all the other apps, Lizard Representation.

How long you've been playing Polaris: Seven months.

Some example names of the species:
Teshari naming conventions are based around a pack name and a personal name. Currently, people here use packs like Eshi, Arata and Schasaraca. These are all pack names, and will be written as a 'first' name.
After that comes the personal name, which seems to mostly be dominated by letters S, A and E. A lot of vowels in the name, it feels like. Things like Esimich, Shaniri.
So that would make an example Teshari name something like Arata Roschi, or something like that. It's very broad, but there's a bunch of player packs so I might have to reach out to one of the players for that.

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
About their biology:
Small, feathered bipedals, basically birds. The feathers of a Teshari are thick enough to protect them against the cold. This does bring with it the risk of overheating. They already dislike regular station temperatures, and anything higher could have serious consequences. Generally, Teshari don't really get sick all that much, mostly because of a good immune system and great medical technology of the Skrell.
Due to how short the Teshari are, it's important to remember that they'll have difficulties with wielding certain two-handed objects, like some guns or axes. Furthermore, the recoil of guns is an issue to them as well.

About their general culture:
The Teshari are pack animals through and through. They are very open about everything they do, and privacy isn't really a concept to them. Certain social activities are just core to their life, it's that simple for them. They'll make friends and have fun with them, even though they'll be a bit overcurious at times. It's only rather recently that the Teshari have left their homeworld, preferring to stay with their pack more often than not.
The life cycle of a Teshari starts with an egg. The Teshari community usually gathers their eggs together, to form a communal clutch. After 12 weeks, the egg hatches. There's not too much about their childhood; It's mostly just social and extroverted. The entire pack is family, with the older pack members taking up a parental role. Generally, Teshari children start working whenever they can physicall handle the job that they will work. These packs are also quite spiritual. Teshari believe that everything has a spirit, and that every spirit should be treated with the respect it deserves. In this religion, it's thought that the good and bads in the world happen because the spirits just... do that. They also believe that EVERYTHING has a spirit. Just need to make sure that the emphasis is put on EVERYTHING. And they rever the spirits inside those things in different ways. For example, rituals or festivals aren't unheard of.

Being relatively new to the galactic stage, their relationships are as follow:
- Considering they're basically a client species to the Skrell, and considering that the Skrells are extremely elitists, the Teshari generally see the Skrell as their superior. This is mostly because the Skrell sees the Teshari as their inferior.
- Humans are more accepting of Teshari than the Skrell are, but the human mindset of finding things cute is upsetting to the Teshari. The Teshari are also baffled by how independent humans are, and how mean and secretive they can be.
- Unathi scary. The Unathi are extremely big in comparison to the Teshari. This is terrifyingly intimidating. However, some Unathi have /some/ respect for the Teshari. Only /some/.
- Teshari and Tajarans don't really interact much, but they're generally friendly. This is in part because both species can deal with cold climates exceptionally well.
- There's a certain bond between the Teshari and the Zaddat, as both are 'lesser' client species of a bigger species. The Zaddat have the big bad Unathi as their masterrace, and the Teshari have the condenscending prick Skrell as their masterrace. But the Zaddat like the Teshari less than the other way around, simply because Zaddat follow whatever the Unathi think, and the Unathi don't really like the Teshari.
- Prometheans and Positronics are both also a sort of client species to humanity, and much like with the Zaddat, there is a certain sense of solidarity between this bunch.
- The Teshari never really interacted with the Dionaea. Nothing much to add here.
- Vox are Vox. Vox don't like Teshari, and Teshari probably think Vox to be very intimidating.

Why do you want to play this species?: Let me be real. I am already content with having my Unathi whitelist. It is the one species I am very driven to play as. However, my first crusade of applications had some success, and now I have come to torment lorestaff with reading walls and walls of text, neatly jotted in notepad.
For Teshari, my application is substantially shorter than the others I've applied for here. This is mostly because, while I wish to have every single species unlocked in case I want to play as one, I don't currently feel like I want to roleplay a Teshari. Not because they're bad or anything, but I don't have the 'exact' same drive as with the rest of the species. For them, I can find a gimmick to motivate me, and for the Teshari, not so much.
BUT. As is the case with every single one of my applications, I need to make my government-assigned Engineering character for every single race, and if I were to do that with Teshari, I'd probably make a Maintenance Technician who just likes to hang around a lot and have fun.

Anything else you wish to add:
Sorry lorestaff.

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Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:37 am

Well, I just read ALL your apps so first of all, Beep and Boop. Love it.
But more relevent to this one: Yes, absolutely approved.

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