Doctress' (APsychonaut's) Moderator Application

Place to apply for Game Moderator and Developer roles.
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Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:03 pm

Moderator Application

Byond Key - APsychonaut

Age - 28

Time range(including time zone) - Australian Central (GMT+930)

Character Name(s) - Jasmine Ward, Nancy Keater, Heidi Roussou, Natalie Stocker, Karla, and more.

How long have you played SS13 - Since 2011 or 2012.

How long have you played on Polaris - Since ~April 2017

Any previous moderating experience? - Plenty, most recently in early 2019 as an admin at a STALKER RP server on Gmod.

What are your strengths - Slow to anger, open to player's points of view, up until the wee hours of the morning by most player's standards due to timezone, open to criticism.

What are your weaknesses - I lack confidence in myself a lot of the time, I'll likely end up asking for others' opinions a lot, even if I'm making what might be perceived as a good call. I also am quick to take people at face value, and often give the benefit of the doubt when it isn't earned.

What would you consider the biggest strength of the server, how could we keep maintaining that strength? - How friendly it is to the LGBT+ community, and the consistent quality of the roleplay available. I think this mainly comes from the strengths you guys look for in your moderation and administration staff, and low tolerance for bigoted BS.

What’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it? - Probably the population count. There's not a lot I can do as I'm a fairly quiet person, but I, much like many of us, try to bring my friends along when I can and seed population whenever it's possible.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability -
  • An adminhelp comes in claiming a player is a potential griefer. Said player also happens to be a traitor.
Ask the ahelping player for their side of the story, and after receiving it say I'll look into the matter. Observe the offending player for a period of time in aghost, and ask them for their side of the story if there is signs of potential loltraitoring there. Assuming the offending player is actually doing something wrong, issue them a warning to correct their behavior if it's a minor offense, and if the situation warrants it, issue an antag or server ban.
  • A player is upset in deadchat about another player's reaction to something they did, but they are clearly in the wrong. How would you handle this?
Tell them to move on from the topic in dsay, and ahelp the matter if they still have a problem. Listen to their side of the story in full, and then inform them why they are incorrect. If they continue to be problematic, issue a final warning, and then mute if the problem continues.
  • When interviewing several players, one is lying but you cannot tell who it is. How would you proceed?
Ask other moderation staff to observe and give their opinions on the matter. Work with the team to achieve a consensus as to what the truth is. Apply a harsher punishment after the team agrees on what the true story is, due to the player being untruthful to staff in addition to whatever their initial issue was.

Can you attend bimonthly staff meetings on teamspeak?- (Generally on Sundays at around 5pm EST) Absolutely. I'll probably need poking as I'm a forgetful gal, but I don't have a life, so I can be there.

Preferred means of contact - (Teamspeak, Discord, IRC) Discord, or Steam. Doctress#6419

Anything Else You Want to Add - Is this the bit where I add 'chitter'? I'm really not sure. Also spiders scare me a whole bunch so um. Chitter.

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Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:56 am

App accepted. Will get back to you in a week or so!

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Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:20 am

Finalized and done.

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