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If you find any pages on the wiki that are in need of review, due to inaccuracies, broken images, or whatever, link them here, with information on what seems to be the issue.

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Alright so this is very, very minor, but it'd be great if we could italicize the "dylovene" in the recipie for Hyronalin on the Chemistry Guide. Thanks.

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The 'Guide to Canonicity' refers to the 'above note on the system being safe' whilst the note is at the bottom of the page.

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Destroma wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:27 am
Alright so this is very, very minor, but it'd be great if we could italicize the "dylovene" in the recipie for Hyronalin on the Chemistry Guide. Thanks.
Fixed. :)

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The Entirety of ... to_Medical

This is going to be a long one.
- Medical HUD is used for immediate triage and prioritizing of patients, not the analyzer. HUD isn't mentioned anywhere in the wiki.
- Health Analyzer does display broken bones and brain damage, just not always the location of the fractures or the exact severity of the brain damage.
- 'Bleeding' isn't a damage type. It's a side effect of brute, and kills you via oxy/toxins.
- Health analyzer is better than the PDA analyzer.
- Screenshots of the analyzer readouts should probably be provided as an example.
- No mention of temperature and how it can be used to diagnose viruses and infections.
- Inaprovaline doesn't treat wounds. It reduces damage from blood loss, reduces brain damage from oxyloss, acts as a super minor weaksauce painkiller, and prevents internal bleeding from getting worse, stops you from taking oxy due to being in crit, but it doesn't directly heal anything.
- Inaprovaline doesn't overdose at thirty units. It overdoses at sixty.
- First step of responding to a scene is: 'always check the area to ensure it's safe to retrieve the patient'. This comes before all other steps.
- It doesn't say what stasis bags actually do, nor does it explain their other utilities, such as insertable syringes.
- Defibbing someone you know is going to die again is actually a valid way to reset the 'defib timer', to keep the corpse fresh. It's better to attempt defib, attempt to save, and if they die again and you can't defib, you now have ten minutes to heal them to being viable again.
- Doesn't mention putting corpses in stasis to keep them viable for longer.
- If I remember correctly, the only overdose that causes oxy damage is chloral hydrate, I feel like it should be more specific with that or simply omitted.
- Mentions 'missing lungs, missing heart', doesn't mention 'damaged lungs, damaged heart'.
- Inaprovaline does not prevent oxy from reaching 35 or more.
- Outside of cryo itself, you're not likely to be in 'a very cold environment' that's cold enough for cryo-chems to work, unless it's a playermade super-cooled room. Cryoxadone is mentioned, but not the far better Clonexadone.
- Defibs are used for dead patients, not patients without a pulse. It's possible to not register as having a pulse yet still be alive. Zombie Powder is one way to achieve this.
- Only chemical that would usually deal brute damage is Arithrazine, and its damage rate is negligible at best.
- Gauze will disinfect, ointment salves, Advanced Trauma kits heal 3 brute and disinfects, Burn kits heal 3 burn, all start a passive heal if the damaged limb at 49 brute or 49 burn or lower. No mention of this.
- Sleeper pods do not have bicaridine.
- While a few food/drinks can heal brute damage, food itself does not heal brute damage. There's a passive heal for brute/burn that, if I remember correctly, does depend on nutrition, but it's unreliable at best and doesn't equate to "food heals brute damage".
- Same comment about cryoxadone and cold areas and no clonex.
- No mention of infection risk.
- Unless you need to rely on 'examine', you're going to be seeing the brute damage and bleeding at the same time when you use the health analyzer.
- Limbs can bleed at nearly any damage value. It depends on the weapon used and other bits of RNG. It's possible to have a bleeding limb at thirteen damage, and it's possible to not be bleeding at a hundred and thirty damage.
- Blood type is better off found in MedicalHUD - examine - med records, or by using the health analyzer. Scanner works as well, but these options should be mentioned.
- "Saline-Glucose" doesn't exist on this codebase.
- IV's can restore blood volume, which isn't temporary unless the bleeding isn't stopped. Gauze stops bleeding and also isn't temporary. Advanced trauma kits stop bleeding, and bicaridine/tricordrazine can also heal a wound until it isn't bleeding anymore.
- One of inaprovaline's best uses is for handling blood loss, and it isn't mentioned here.
- High burn damage can also cause blood loss.
- The blood compatbility chart lists "L" as a blood type. Never heard of "L" as a blood type, and I know it's not ingame.
- No mention of infection risk. Burns are infection magnets.
- Ointment itself won't directly heal burn damage. Advanced Burn Kits, which aren't mentioned, will.
- Remove "pills" after Dermaline. Dermaline works regardless of pill/injection.
- Kelotane isn't found in the sleeper.
- Same comment for cryo/coldarea/clonex.
- High burn damage can also cause blood loss.
- Breathing phoron can cause toxins because it produces the reagent 'toxin' in your bloodstream. This list doesn't mention that phoron can also contaminate clothing, which causes toxins that have no other symptoms other than the slowly rising toxin damage itself. You fix this by washing the contaminated clothing.
- Liver damage and kidney damage results in toxin damage.
- Radiation, period, causes toxins. Doesn't have to be a high amount.
- Dylovene doesn't exactly 'purge' toxic substances from the bloodstream. As far as I can tell, there's no effect on the metabolism rate. [source ]
- Dylovene heals at a faster rate than arithrazine. While one unit of arithrazine heals more toxin damage than one unit of dylovene, due to the difference in metabolism speeds, dylovene heals toxin damage faster and should be the preferred anti-toxin.
- Same cryo/coldarea/clonex comment.
- Cloned individuals will have genetic damage unless the cloning pod is upgraded, I feel like that should explicitly be mentioned.
- No mention of Ryetalyn to heal the 'genetic disabilities'.
- Finally mentions clonexadone, only mentions that it's better for genetic damage, rather than being better for all damage types.
- Imperfect cloning doesn't really happen. Cloning itself doesn't cause brain damage. It's possible that forcefully ejecting the clone before it's ready may result in brain damage, but in order to do so, you'd probably need to do something like cut power to the cloning lab or destroy the cloning pod as it's cloning.
- Mindbreaker toxin does not cause brain damage.
- 'Narcotics' isn't ever defined, no clue what they mean by it. Whatever their intended definition of it is, it probably doesn't cause brain damage either.
- Not all infections cause brain damage. They damage wherever they happen to be. An infection in the brain will damage the brain. An infection in the lungs will damage the lungs, etc. Also, this is the only time the word 'infection' even shows up in this entire wiki, when it should have it's own dedicated section.
- Surgery is also viable for brain repair, though alkysine is better in nearly every way.
- Brain damage kills at 60.
- Any surgical operation conducted on an organic patient, including placing a prosthetic limb, should be done in medical. Sometimes, there are stumps in the way that need to be amputated first. Robotics lacks the equipment and IC knowhow to amputate safely.
- Organic limbs only cause toxin when attached in cases of rejection or if the limb itself has decayed (this is implemented ingame as an infection).
- Sleepers continue to function up until the patient is dead. Even when the patient is dead, stasis and dialysis can still be performed via sleeper.
- Sleepers do not outright tell you if anything is present in the bloodstream other than the four reagents it has available to inject. They can, however, perform dialysis to filter out the bloodstream and from then you can determine the reagents that were present via advanced spectrometer.
- You cannot upgrade a Sleeper pod.
- Sleep Toxin is called Soporific, and also isn't in the Sleeper.
- Bicaridine isn't in the Sleeper.
- Kelotane isn't in the Sleeper.
- Inaprovaline, Paracetamol, Dylovene, and Dexalin are the reagents available in the Sleepers.
- Inaprovaline doesn't bring down oxy damage unless it's a result of blood loss. It doesn't limit suffocation damage unless you count 'prevents oxy in crit'. It doesn't heal brute, burn or toxin damage, regardless of condition.
- Mixing Bicaridine, Kelotane, and Dylovene does NOT create tricordrazine, and even if it did, it wouldn't be an overdose risk because you can't overdose on tricordrazine.
- You don't need to mess with wrenches or the canisters.
- Don't say "sub-zero" temperatures. "Sub-Zero" differs depending on which unit of measurement you're using, and in the coolers case, Kelvin, you can't GET below Zero. Set it anywhere between 10-70, the colder it is, the more quickly it'll cool down the patient. Setting it at Zero is a waste of power because it'll never stop cooling, setting it over 70 is risky because the cells heat up when used by patients, and it's possible the cells could heat up enough to render cryo-chems useless.
- As far as I know, you can't lock a cryo cell.
- You don't really need to strip someone before putting them in a cryo-cell. If you're in a situation where a cryo-cell becomes necessary, you probably don't have time to strip them anyway. Even if you did, it won't make a huge difference, if any at all, in the effectiveness of the treatment. The chems still heal the same. Only thing that could be affected at all is that they wouldn't get their body temp to the cryo's level as fast, which... doesn't matter, because they're plenty fast even with clothing.
- Shakespam is generally not that great, because from an IC standpoint, a doctor wouldn't be standing over a limp, comatose patient, vigorously shaking their body. Just put them in a roller bed and let them wake up on their own.
- Why redress when you shouldn't really strip them to start with.
- Dylovene doesn't purge chemicals. Dialysis purges chemicals. Some types of overdose are necessary and potentially beneficial, IE cillin OD/bicard OD.
- Use pen-lights to diagnose blindness depending on the patients species.
- Prescription glasses are only necessary when Retinal Misalignment is present, this can be found in the advanced body scanner.
- Mistakes genetic abnormalities and genetic damage. Doesn't mention ryetalyn as a potential treatment for blindness or deafness.
- You should always administer small amounts of hyronalin for radiation, even in minor cases.
- Dylovene does not remove radiation or toxic reagents, so it won't remove the 'root cause' of hallucinations.
- The first bullet point for resuscitation is OOC information, not IC information, and shouldn't be considered in ingame actions. Skip that step entirely.
- Second bullet point is nearly entirely wrong. If you subtract the oxy damage and the resulting total is 200 or more, you cannot defib unless you can use trauma or burn kits to lower it below 200. 180 is not the cutoff point, and if you have 179/179 of brute and burn, no, you cannot defib.
- Doesn't mention usage of stasis via sleeper pods to preserve corpses a little longer - a maximum of fifteen minutes rather than ten. Stasis bags won't work.
- Doesn't mention checking medical records for DNC's, which is the actual first step to cloning.

And for the guide in general:
- Doesn't mention any of Medical's equipment in any meaningful detail. Roller beds, analyzers, spectrometers, stethoscopes, pen-lights, medical belts, any of the more advanced equipment from science, ody mechs, etc.
- Infections aren't mentioned except for a grand total of once, under 'brain damage', in which it's a single incorrect sentence saying that infections cause brain damage.
- Wasn't written by someone who actually plays and knows Medical.
- Cloning isn't covered in any meaningful detail.
- Medical records aren't covered at all.
- Triage isn't covered at all.
I recommend porting information from:
- ... e#Foreword
- ... sp=sharing

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We got Example paperwork and we got Example Paperwork. Who are diffrnet things with the same intend and both share some questionable entrys towards the use of some [html].

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Wickedtemp wrote:
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I'll be willing to overhaul this in the morning when I wake up, if nobody else beats me to it.

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