Polaris Event Calendar – February 2020

Staff Events and related information can be found here.
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Polaris Event Calendar – February 2020

*Note, Further Events may be added throughout the month, see Discord for updates*

February 4th – 11th

February 9th – Improv Event, [Woodrat] 6pm(ish) EST

February 11th – 18th

February 16th – Staff Meeting, Teamspeak 5pm EST

February 18th – 25th

February 21st – ???, [Fenodyree] 5pm(ish) EST

February 21st - Town Hall, Discord 6pm EST

February 22nd – ???, [ThoughtSynapsis] 7pm(ish) EST

February 25th – March 3rd

February 29th – Calamity, [Woodrat] 6:00pm(ish) EST

March 1st – Staff Meeting, Teamspeak 5pm EST



Would like to suggest or run an event yourself? Get a rough draft idea of what your event will be typed up and send it to Woodrat or Rand0mname via private message on discord.

*Note, must be a player in good standing in order to run an event. Staff reserve the right to decline event ideas, ask that they be modified, etc. etc.*

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