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Place to submit books for the in-game library
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Hello, and welcome to our shiny new library system! I'll be explaining how to submit your own work to the in-game library.

To start with, some rules:
  • No sexually explicit content.
  • No books referencing antag rounds as canon.
  • Non-fiction and reference books will require a lore staff's stamp of approval.
  • Books do not need to be 100% factual and accurate, as there is such thing as author bias, but keep it within reason.
  • Books can be multi-page now, and therefore longer, but please don't get too carried away.
  • Please do not submit copyrighted material.
Now, how do you go about formatting your book? Books will be using HTML, but if you don't know HTML here are some very basic keys:

Code: Select all

<b>This text will be bold.</b>
<i>This text will be italicized.</i>
<u>This text is underlined.</u>
<s>This text will have a strikethrough.</s>
<center>This text will be aligned to the center of the page.</center>
<hr> will create a horizontal rule.
The simplest and easiest thing to do would be writing your book in a text document and putting it in a dropbox link OR sending a pastebin of the document. You don't need to include any HTML if you're alright with any formatting.

Here is an example.

If you DO want to do the HTML yourself, try and keep it tidy and most importantly, readable. You MUST use web safe fonts and the text must be easy to read. Avoid making it too small or poorly colored with the background.

Here is an example including HTML.

Staff reserves the right to remove books as we see fit.

To submit, please create a new topic titled "YourCKEY - Book Name" and fill out the below.
Your BYOND Key:

Book Name:

Blurb: (Akin to the blurb on the back of a book. This will appear in the examine tab.)

Book Icon: (Pick an existing icon found in icons/obj/custom_books.dmi OR include your own sprite.)

IC Author:

Genre (Non-fiction/Fiction/Reference/Religion):

Contents: (See above on ways to submit your book contents.)

Additional notes:
Once appropriate staff has signed off on the content and it has gone through needed formatting tweaks it will need to be added through a special repo on our GitHub. Before long, you'll have access to your book through the in-game library!

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