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Moderator Application

Byond Key - Naidh

Age - 18

Time range(including time zone) - The time that I can allot to Polaris is ridiculously flexible. I live in Eastern Standard Time, though I tend to be in-and-out of an appropriate sleep schedule. I could be present in day or night and only hindered otherwise by other obligations, such as life, seeking work/attending work, or medical issues. Upper management will be informed if any of this is to change if I’m accepted as staff or a trial staff member.

Character Name(s) - I play as Sevacre Viaterna and Llywelyn Koskova, as well as Neske O’Croith or Lysander Scoyfol on occasion. Three of these characters do not have their surnames appended to their character slots.

How long have you played SS13 - I’ve been playing Space Station 13 off-and-on for six years, although Naidh is a recent ckey as I cannot access or remember older keys.

How long have you played on Polaris - I’ve been playing on Polaris since 01/01/18, initially starting as Neske O’Croith and branching out into other characters.

Any previous moderating experience? - I’ve spent my fair share of time getting acquainted with staff panels, and I have past experience with servers on Space Station 13 and other games as well as serving in the capacity of Discord staff for other servers. I'd prefer to not disclose whereabouts.

What are your strengths - I would say that my strengths vary: I like to think that I’m capable and a quick learner. I feel that I manage to adapt to situations, good or bad, and that while I don’t have mine honed to the level of a saint – I’m a patient person as hypocritical as it sounds, judging from my answer to the question about weakness. I feel that I can (now, at least) identify situations where, while working with others, I have to step back or act without bias adequately, and that I can communicate clearly and concisely when it counts.

What are your weaknesses - I would say that my weaknesses start with not being able to forget. If I feel wronged or otherwise harassed, it sticks with me. I feel as if I’m easy to frustrate and I understand how I’ve come across as abrasive and salty in the last few months and held grudges. I do feel, however, that AncientV25 – having known me for the last several years – can attest to how I’ve grown to get a better grip on my anger and become more of a rational individual in my absence.

What would you consider the biggest strength of the server, how could we keep maintaining that strength? - I firmly consider that one of Polaris’ major strengths is its sense of community and the ability of the community to contribute to the server. While it is moderated, the GitHub serves as a means of player input and staff tend to be warm folks open to speaking with the playerbase, although I’ll admit that I only have frequent conversations with Mechoid and Woodrat. The community has done some stellar things in the past, too, such as helping correlate and investigate a suicide attempt back in January and coming together in an attempt to help. Polaris is a great community and while my input here isn’t valuable, maintaining this is as simple as keeping a steady flow of staff and players – which is being managed as best as staff can.

What’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it? - Something that I find to be a major problem with the server at present is the lack of or inaccessibility of information pertaining to occupations, such as the educational and training qualifications to work in certain departments, which I’d potentially be interested in helping rectify by speaking with members of the community in those lines of work and related research into the occupations and what qualifications they require. Another issue that I tend to see is activity, seeing that most of the time the active staff are non-administrative (Event staff, Developers) or are on the upper rungs of administration or are the recent handful of low-rung staff, though older faces do appear from time to time despite life things.

Population, too, as mentioned in the positives question is another big concern although for the most part, other negatives mentioned by other applicants tend to be handled pretty well.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability -
  • An adminhelp comes in claiming a player is a potential griefer. Said player also happens to be a traitor.
I would respond to the player in question by accepting the report (either through a linked verb or message) and thanking them for submitting the report before asking for additional information while observing the antagonist in question while speaking to the player and communicating with the antagonist if need be – there are definitely valid concerns in antagonists. It isn’t a license to kill or perform excessive destruction without roleplay, after all. Once the report is concluded, thank any contacted parties for submitting the report before closing it proper (if able) or ceasing responses.
  • A player is upset in deadchat about another player's reaction to something they did, but they are clearly in the wrong. How would you handle this?
If they’re upset and are clearly in the wrong, it’s a delicate situation – asking them to calm down and explain the situation to them rings true here. If they’re excessively riled up, a temporary mute from dead-chat may be in order to attempt to get them to calm down. You can’t ever gauge how someone’ll respond perfectly, though, even if almost everyone has been in the same place as they’ve been.
  • When interviewing several players, one is lying but you cannot tell who it is. How would you proceed?
Something to always keep in mind while interviewing players is the tools that you have as a staff member: you have notes, the ability to review damage logs and even attack and chat logs (some finagling required) and other staff members, as well as the players you’re interviewing: correlating their stories as they’re given together serves to be a big boon in investigations.

Can you attend bimonthly staff meetings on TeamSpeak? - I can attend bimonthly staff meetings on TeamSpeak and keep people informed if I’m unable to attend.

Preferred means of contact - I’d prefer being contacted through Discord (Kiva#5854), although if requested and utterly necessary, I’m not opposed to providing my phone number to higher staff if I cannot be contacted on Discord for an extended period of time.

Anything Else You Want to Add -
I’m more than aware that I may not have the finest or most stellar reputation of other recent applicants, and that me being something of an utter ass was recurring between my playtime in late January to mid-March prior to my abrupt hiatus of four months from Polaris. My personality over that handful of months in which I was playing was something akin to a really jagged brick, although I approached issues that were brought up to me as they came up seeking resolutions, whether it be approaching someone one-on-one to apologize for my behaviour or taking the time to work out issues with the knowledge or personalities of my characters and to at least semi-frequently inquire as to any brought-up issues; although I’m aware that I never managed to fix all of them prior to my hiatus.

Chitter & OMP.

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Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:13 pm

Logged, and up for vote staff side. Will be about a week before the results come back.

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