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BYOND Key: Thezblah

Species you want to apply for: Unathi

Name of Characters In-game:Tanya Malone, Samantha Welstrom, Eliza Woodford, others haven't been played in at least a month

How long you've been playing Polaris: At least 2 years

Some example names of the species: Ssegorath Esskor, Seihos The Ghost (example of an unbound). Essentially the names sound like snakes gargling rocks. Clan unathi will have a personal name, family name, then clan name. On official documentation they may or may not have their clan name, though many go by it whenever possible outside of their clan environment. Unbound Unathi are stripped of their clan and sometimes family name, going by first name only or a first name and a title, self given or given by others.

Summarise what you know about the species:Large, bipedal and cold blooded reptilians. Society is very communal and mostly centered around their religion, Unity. To be unbound is a painful and lonely experience. There are some heretic clans that vary wildly in composition and belief, but usually adhere to the same core tenets as Unity clans. Then there are the Redeemed, a special caste of Unathi reintroduced to Unity who themselves are typically zealots and religious leaders after completing initiation. Central governing authority is the Moghes Hegemony, named after their homeworld. Unathi first contact led into a war between the Hegemony on one side and a Skrellian backed SolGov. Humanity repelled the Unathi and eventually an uneasy peace was settled. Some world's have integrated both species harmoniously, some have not. To date no foreign visitors have been allowed on Moghes except the initial peace envoys.

Currently there is still strong Anti-Unathi sentiment in SolGov space, reflected in corporate hiring and promotion practices. At the same time, due to their remarkable lifespan, many Unathi still hold old grudges for bygones from the contact war.

Why do you want to play this species?:Had an idea for a character: A timid, outcast Unathi. His name is Thissk The Runt, called as such for his small stature and shy nature. Once part of a more progressively minded heretic clan, they were a conclave of scholars, scientists and philosophers. A misunderstanding, a scandal, and one bad tempered elder led to the violent dissolution of his clan, leaving him unbound and practically adrift in the universe. That is until he met a human professor that saw the spark of intellect beneath his scaly exterior. With the professor advocating for him, Thissk was able to attend and graduate Tharsis University with honors. His primary field of study was mechatronic engineering, though at the behest of his peers took a minor in phoron research in hopes to appeal to the corporate scouts that frequented graduation ceremonies. His work paid off, landing him a position at the logistics station Southern Cross...

Anything else you wish to add: This would be my first alien species whitelist, so if I've got anything off or flat wrong please let me know.

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*bumping and paging Unathi loremaster*

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Have seen, don't worry.

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny this application.

- Your writeup is very heavily focused on one part of the species' culture, which is understandable given the specific character you've pitched, but in this case it's notably lacking the reasons why said part of the culture is as distinct as it is. Also, it's missing a lot of the culture, in general.
- There's a single line on their biology, and it's stuff that you can basically guess from just looking at the sprite. That doesn't convince me that you've done the reading.
- Your understanding of the contact war seems to be based on what you've heard from other people, rather than actually reading the pages. SolGov wasn't initially backed by the Skrell, and their eventual involvement is what turned the war from just straight losing into a situation that allowed for negotiations.

Overall, this application looks like you barely skimmed the information provided, and gives me no indication that you actually know the lore, nor how Unathi think or act. That last point, compounded with what I've seen of your play, doesn't lead me to believe that you'll play an Unathi to the expectations I have of everyone who's successfully applied for this whitelist.

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