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byond key - Toomie

Applications for Diona

Name - shining white freezing mountains

how long have i bean playing on Polaris for. - almost one and a half moths now

some of the Mechanics of Diona - they have there one language. they need light to survive and in darkness they will get hurt and can die. light dues heal brute and toxin damage.
Radiation will increase Diona nutrition without ill effects. on death nymphs are realest one of them the player can move so he can regrow the gestalt. Dionaea can also split apart using a verb

Jobs - dionaea can't make split -decisions so command is not a good job for them. are not relay strong for Security or fast for Paramedics so Engineering or Science are the most common

Synopsis - Dionaea are plant like organisms that are slow and made of smaller organisms. Dionaea have no planets or government. they reproduce with seeds.

Dionaea are for the most part entirely peaceful and compatible with all know interstellar cultures. The Skrell maintain a good working relationship with the Dionaea The Humans have most of their contact with the Dionaea via the Skrell

Their own language, colloquially called Rootsong, is based on the emission of radio waves most modern Dionaea are capable of speaking at least one other language.

Dionaea are highly curious, intelligent (if slow) and passive they fell pain different from humans but have little in the way of recognizable human emotions beyond curiosity, satisfaction, and frustration
there names are normally made from a memory. they don't really now what privacy is.

Dionaea don't need oxygen to function, They don't have a central circulatory system either instead there system works more like a plant. underdeveloped and decentralized nervous system. they don't have DNA.
they are made of cell that are realy big and can be seen with the naked eye. Each nymph is a perfect clone of every other nymph. Dionaea prefer not to incorporate too many nymphs spawned from their own cluster. Diona grown from seed or otherwise disconnected from the usual clusters lack the molecule-parsing viruses that allow adult clusters to survive and function. station grown Dionaea must find cluster-spawned gestalts when they eventually come to form a cluster of their own, or the resulting offspring will be malformed. A mature cluster is structured in several layers. that has heat dissipation and signalling via Rootspeak part gas and matter storage, a layer of cavities and tissue responsible for maintaining the radiation-harvesting blisters. The layer surrounding them is a combination of dead, hard diona-flesh, harvested rock, and synthesised 'filler' intended to absorb heat and hold the gestalt together.

why i want to play this Species is because i realy think its something new and cool it has some cool Mechanics that can help and work against you. i also like plant based Mechanics in games and story's
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Those were my exact words more or less I can confirm.

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