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BYOND Key: Destroma

Species you want to apply for:

Name of Characters In-game:
Arilene Dar’Mangma

How long you've been playing Polaris:
About 2 months, but I’ve been very active. Ready to try something new.

Some example names of the species:
Raraschisha, Ceea, Lanchile, Secinishi, Demivov

Summarise what you know about the species:
Teshari reside on the Skrellian homeworld of Qerr’balak, known to the Teshari as Sirisai. They’re reptiles, much like dinosaurs, having small, feathered bodies, ultra-sensitive hearing, and a natural resistance to cold temperatures. Their hearing is so sensitive that it can be a weakness in some cases, such as in constructional areas. Their insulated skin and feathers also can lead to them feeling uncomfortable in warmer temperatures that would be comfortable to other species. Thankfully for them, it’s hella cold in space.

Teshari are new to interstellar life, due to complications in their biology and the designs of Skrellian ships, as well as their pack mentality. Teshari are often found in a pack, making Skrellian spacecraft, which is normally very small, difficult for Teshari to thrive in. Recently, however, Skrellian spacecraft have become more suitable for Teshari, allowing more and more to dwell in space.

Teshari came into being at about the same time that Skrell did. Due to their aversion to heat, they flocked to Qerrbalak's poles, away from most of Skrellian society for a long time. Therefore, Skrellian and Tesharian cultures are very different, mostly clear by their total lack of privacy. But, having been introduced to a more civilized race, they’ve become fairly conscientious of other species’ norms. Skrellian and Teshari attempts at contact began uneasy, with the first moments of meeting being confused attempts at conversation, sometimes turning violent. Today, however, relations between Teshari and Skrell have eased.

Why do you want to play this species?:
I feel like I’m ready to start branching out and trying new things, and Teshari seem like a manageable introduction to other races.

Anything else you wish to add:
I am an artist, and I had a friend telling me that you needed someone to help create the Teshari sprites. My Discord is Destroma#6339 if you'd like to contact me. Thank you!

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Right will prod the whitelist maintainer witha stick.

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Sorry about the ridiculous wait! This is approved, it seems like you did your homework! Please feel free to PM me on Discord if you have any further questions!

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