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Species you want to apply for:

Name of Characters In-game:
Jaynie Laurenzi, Prosper Carr, Tabitha Walker, Haidee Lester, River Harris, Elyon Varhmiel, Janeka Hartman, Ayla Jennings, Devon Bekerytr

How long you've been playing Polaris:
Almost 4 months

Some example names of the species:
Aayaat Ya'sin, Arwa Jabbour, Hazm Habeeb, Saabiq Su'leiman

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
Tajaran have three main cultures types, and each main one three sub-cultures within them.
The Hrarar culture has three sub-cultures, Siik, Hakar, and Selem. The Hrarar is the largest Tajaran ethnicity on Meralar and are the most represented in diplomacy with humans. They tend to have silky, long and really thick fur that's typically somewhere between umber and pale tan in colour.

The Njarir'Akhan culture's three sub-cultures are Njarjirii, Nerahni, and Siirkhani (not playable.). The Njarir'Akhan are taller than the average Hrarar, and are thinner and less muscular. They have thick, velvety fur that sheds very easily. Their fur tends to be darker and more earthy in colour compared to Hrarar's fur. Their faces are a little softer, rounder and they have a shorter-muzzle than Hrarar.

The Zhan-Khazan also has three sub-cultures. The Zhan-Khazan (Not playable on-station, however can be played on merc gamemode with a max of two at a time), Shankamyan (not playable.), and the Rhemazar. They are generally taller and stockier than other Tajaran's. They have smaller eyes, heavier jaws, and tend to be well muscled. Their fur is typically a soft white or off colour grey and is thick, they also have heavily tufted ears.

Tajaran as a whole are omnivorous, thought they have a preference for meats, fats and fruits. They're bodies are covered in fur, minus the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. Many of them have manes around their necks which are made of tougher, wiry hairs. Their height ranges from about 4'9 in feet to 6'5 in feet, and they typically weigh roughly between 110 pounds to 210 pounds.

They tend to have large eyes that sit above their muzzles, with large oval pupils that contract very quickly in bright lighting. Their irises are usually shades of brown, gold, green and very rarely blue or purple. They have very sharp and narrow teeth at the front, but as you look further back in their mouth they thicken.

Tajaran ears stand erect atop their head, that are triangular and rounded. They have a wide range of motion, capable of rotating up to ninety degrees and can be folded entirely against the back of their skull. Because of this, they have a noticeably better range of hearing than other crew species.

Their hands and feet have five digits like humans do, but are a bit shorter and have short, yet sharp claws instead of finger nails. They also have flexible, large and muscular tails. Because of this, most equipment that humans or Skrell interact with require modification for Tajaran's to fit into.

Compared to humans, Tajaran have a much longer sleep cycle. They can sleep for about 11-13 hours, and usually stay awake for about 30-32 hours, and often take short cat naps. The longest a Tajaran can sleep is about 75 hours without experiencing any negative side effects, but can become lethargic and unfocused it they do this regularly.

Why do you want to play this species?:
I'm interested in playing Tajarans because they have a really cool culture. I think it would be incredible to be apart of it.

Anything else you wish to add:
I really can't think of anything to add that I didn't put in already.

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Looks about right. Approved.

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