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The Guide To Medical. This covers every job, most scenarios you'd end up encountering, every surgery, every medicinal chem, cloning, psychiatry, and continues to be updated regularly. This guide is written from the perspective of a lawful-good character personality with a strong adherence to SOP, so you'll see it suggesting things such as body scan reports, providing medical treatment to known and hostile antagonists and a general attempt to avoid the use of cloning. It's a long guide, as it's every Medical Wiki page rolled into one document and then some, but you don't need to know the entire thing to be a good doctor or chemist.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to me over discord ( Wickedtemp#5642 ) or made on the guide itself since they're enabled, this guide wouldn't be as thorough as it is without the help of other people. The list of contributors has recently gone above 20, spanning 4 different servers.

Also, something to keep in mind is that this guide is used on four servers, the primary codebases being Polaris and Virgo (Vorestation), and will have information from both codebases. Most of the information is shared between the two codebases, however, there are differences between them, these are all outlined to avoid confusion and mixups. If you have any questions or want additional assistance with learning Medical, my inbox is always open. ... sp=sharing

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