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It's another one of these threads. Gimme a plant or animal that isn't from Earth and it may or may not make its way into the wiki in some form.
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Species of Discovery:

Plant or Animal or ????:



Other information:
Some guidelines: we reserve the right to butcher your submissions and use them as we please. You're releasing this under CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 . Plants and animals of ecological, economical, culinary, or cultural import are preferred: we need the Skrell version of potatos a hell of a lot more than we need the Skrell version of tardigrades, no offense. If species of discovery isn't human or positronic, the relevant maintainer is going to have to sign off on it. Please try and stick to at least a general gesture in the direction of biological plausibility. Especially when submitting xenofauna or xenoflora from alien homeworlds, remember the general characteristics of life on these plants (eg Qerrbalak has a lot of fungi, phosphorescence, and hallucinogens).

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Note: We already have giant crabs and ice spiders.

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first suggestion: giant spiders and ice crabs

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It's not a suggestion if it's already mostly coded.

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Species of Discovery: Human

Plant or Animal or ????: Fungus

Description: A mushroom discovered on Binma (that's our first explored garden world, right?), extremely nutritious and capable of being grown rapidly in spacefaring conditions even when hydroponics may be inefficient or unusable (such as with limited water). The stereotypical staple food of spacers with a limited diet before the invention of easily synthesizable foods such as LiquidFood rations. Due to an unpleasant taste, saw little culinary use in places where it wasn't needed, but still sees limited use today in poorer parts of human space where maintenance of synthesizers may be difficult due to scarcity of equipment.

Uses: Food. Food for people who can't grow anything better. Not necessarily more nutritious than actual Earth foods, but extremely calorie-dense and fast-growing, meaning a much smaller space has to be dedicated to food production, and requires much less water than hydroponics. Still need vitamin supplements.

Other information: I'm terrible at coming up with names for stuff.

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Name: sarrili [one sarrili, two sarrilin]; sarrili-mar [one sarrili-mar, two sarrili-mar]

Species of Discovery: Tajaran

Plant or Animal or ????: Animal

Description: The sarrili-mar is a small, quadruped canine mammal roughly the size of a corgi; it's covered in a thick coat of heavy (usually white, but other variations exist) fur to protect from the harsh cold of the northern Meralar tundra (as such, the creature is found most often in the northern areas, but has been known to adapt to other, slightly warmer, climates), and is often the subject of "look at this cute sarrili-mar" exonet threads. It really is cute. The sarrili-mar is the timid baby form of the much larger, much fiercer sarrili.

The sarrili is a large (comparable in size to a large moose) quadruped canine, a thick, white-gold (as with sarrili-mar, other variations exist, most often a light pink or lilac to fit in with the more purplish-white of the northeastern regions) coat of fur shielding it from the cold as it prowls around in packs, hunting for prey. An apex predator of the far northern reaches of Meralar (sarrili-mar, if they can, will travel north as they age), the sarrili is occasionally hunted by adventurous Tajaran poachers. It's easier said than done, though - their thick fur is nigh-impenetrable to low-caliber ballistic weaponry, and their bites have a recorded PSI of over 6,500 (equivalent to 45,000 kPa). Their hides are prized on the Meralar black market for their beauty and rarity, not to mention their applications in military defensive nanoweave.

Sarrili are often associated with qualities such as bravery, perseverance and determination - the phrase 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow' comes to mind when looking at their young. The closest human comparison would be a lion in this regard - a large apex predator associated with courage. In a fight, a sarrili would win every time.

Uses: Their meat, although illegal to obtain from hunting, is legal to own, and is a delicacy in certain areas of Meralar; it's rich in iron, and can be turned into tremendous steaks. The hide, which retains its lustrous white-gold sheen even in death, is valued greatly among collectors, and is a class II restricted animal product, requiring a license to own. Sarrili bones are used as good luck charms and in fortune telling, but, like the hides, are class II restricted items.

Other information: it's a lion, but instead of a cat it's a dog (Meralar has enough cats), and instead of being reasonably sized, it's huge and powerful and could snap my neck any time it wants to and I'd thank it.

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Name: Sif Terror Raptor

Species of Discovery: Human

Plant or Animal or ????: Animal (bird)

Description: Large birds, with solid color plumage. Noted to be about the size of a horse. Fierce beaks and claws are its main form of offence, along with the ability to glide for a limited time if jumping from a cliff. It often hunts in packs, mostly consisting on smaller animals and greens

Uses: Sometimes used as pack animals if they can be trained, but the eggs and meat are considered a delicacy.

Other information: No it is not a chocobo, more like a terror bird from actual terran past.

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