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The Brothers of Wisdom
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I would like to make a political organization which is by the people for the people and what I mean by that is they believe that the government is not above the people and believe there should be a Constitution which is pretty much the same as the US Constitution. the Party is far right Conservative BUT few things are different as Same sex marriage is alright and the death penalty should be allowed but the person should have to have commit an EXTREMELY horrific crime (Cannibalism, mass murder, etc). The party also believes in the human rights. They believe that there shouldn't be large government and low taxes.

(Will work on this more soon don't know name yet)

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Galactic Organization for Animal Rights aka GOAR aka as I fondly call it, Space PETA.

Hold regular protests against the INHUMANE SLAUGHTER of INNOCENT SPACE CARP and SPIDERS for SPORT and MEAT. They advocate for the release of all test monkeys back into their natural environment: space. Known for stealing beloved departmental pets under claims of 'mistreatment' only for said pets to never be seen again. Firmly set in the belief that pets of any kind and animal testing for the benefit of sapient life are unforgivable crimes, they're notorious for causing issues and instigating serious threats against simple pet owners and researchers alike. On top of their aggressive approach to anything and everything involving animals, they spread dangerous misinformation in attempts to sway people from any and all animal products and use very controversial tactics and advertisements to try and further their agenda. SolGov considers the group ecoterrorists.

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Uh... This is Media Submissions. For like, TV shows and books and video games. That kind of media.
I'm not sure how this has gotten misconstrued.
"Popular works of art and entertainment in Sol space in 2562, including both pop culture and new classics."

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Look, I didn't know where to put my media propaganda suggestion and Elgeon will have to live with that.

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Uh sorry but no neither political organization will be going on the Media page, please PM me for a spot on the minor party list if you're willing to put in the comissurate amount of work.

(or just sneak them into the Lore Characters page idgf)

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Eunoia: Hope Network is a VRMMO, and a sequel to a decades-old MMO simply called Eunoia that few people even remember. It's set in a magical space-opera world that's soft science fiction even by the standards of 2562, where technology is seamlessly integrated with flashy spellcasting into a bright, clean, neon aesthetic. In it, a flotilla of colony ships have arrived in a new galaxy using a speculative FTL drive, seeking to locate new garden worlds.

Players are thrust into the role of explorers, fighting hostile wildlife, scouting new procedurally-generated sites, and acting as the flotilla's first line of defense. The colony ships serve as peaceful towns or "hub worlds", while most adventuring takes place during planetside missions or exploration of mysterious alien derelicts.

The most notable aspect of the game is that no mechanical distinction is made between PCs and NPCs. NPCs show very robust social skills, and the limited, controlled environment of the game can make them seem quite clever. Even experienced players are sometimes surprised to discover that the person they've been adventuring with isn't a real human, an illusion enhanced by the game's immersive roleplaying culture. As most NPCs do not respawn like players do, some players become fiercely protective of their favorite personalities.

It seems obvious that a B-class intelligence, at minimum, must be controlling the NPCs' interactions with players. Theories run rampant on why, ranging from "social experiment" to "testing environment for conversational AI".

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Captain Cutie’s Chance Capers

Widely known as a cheesy magical girl anime, though fans tend to violently dispute the notion. Airing three seasons between 2554 and 2555 CE, it follows a shunned researcher as she finds a magical artifact, opens a rift to an ill-defined ‘multiverse’, and tries to defend the rift from interdimensional invaders while maintaining a normal life. The tone is hard to pin down, with surprisingly hard-hitting losses and interpersonal issues being portrayed in between Captain Cutie’s dramatic over-the-top posing, wisecracks and fighting style.

Fans praise the show for the thought put into Captain Cutie’s mindset and the compelling nature of the fights- they usually consist of quickly escalating duels thick with mind games and unorthodox trickery. Many critique the fluctuating tone, but fans tend to hold the opinion that the ‘high-low’ methodology keeps things meaningful.

The show is also known for its progressive undertones; Captain Cutie consistently tries to reason with, respect, and make alliances with the interdimensional beings, who are portrayed as coming from wildly different societies. Notable characters include Cutie’s best friend, a positronic researcher; a Tajaran magical ninja; a Skrell security consultant; and an interdimensional magical princess portrayed as a mass of writhing triangular fractals obscured by a shifting humanoid hologram.

(Might be a little too big? Cut the second paragraph at your discretion, I suppose.)

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