Radio Free Sif Bordcats for IC News

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Two characters and their thing for the IC news so players can have some wild conspiracy theories.

Name: Janus & Ripley
Position: Radio Free Sif Host/Technician
About: Radio Free Sif has... changed staff nearly as often as it changed location. However, the nicknames they go by are usually going with a theme, and the theme of the current sessions is 'Mech Names'. Janus is a young-ish sounding woman playing the role of host and DJ of Radio Free Sif, while Ripley is a equally as young sounding guy seemingly in charge of the technical points. They have picked the position up recently, and if they are connected to the old radio free sif is highly questionable.

The BordcastShow
Split into 4 posts, because discord limits.

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Radio Free Sif - THE pirate radio station by the people, for the people!

Ripley, radio technician, "-e--a-re on Air, Janus, take it away!"
Janus, radio host, "Thank you Ripley! Could not run this operation without you!"


Janus, "And thank you, listeners! Thanks to some generous contributions of you we not only managed to stay free of the shakles of the Transstellars, but also of the Vir Authorities, who are of the believe that we shouldn't talk with you."
Ripley, "They are paied of by the lobbyists, anyways."
Janus, "Of course they are! They simply can not handle the truth getting out. And regarding the truth, we have two seekers of it as guests today. Say 'HELLO' to Odysseus & Gynax!"
Odysseus, amateur chemist, "Hi there! Please stop eating the fish."
Gynax, paranoid survivalist, "Greetings."
Janus,  "Getting ahead of yourself there, Odysseus. But yes, He is today our medical expert, helping you stay yourself... Ripley, play in a song while we get our notes in order, will you?"


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Janus, "Well, hello again! First up: Mind Altering Substances."
Odysseus, "That is correct, Janus. You probably already heared it a thousand times: The Fish on Sif are toxic. HOWEVER! They are not. I have had earth fish before, and non of them give you this 'stinging feeling'."
Janus, "Well, since they are not 'toxic', will you explain to our listeners what they are then?"
Odysseus, "Mind Control Serum."
Janus, "Mind Control Serum?"
Odysseus, "Well, not direct. It is more like they make one more 'suggestible' then true control... Yet at least. Their main function is making people more likely to follow orders and listen to advertisement, making you less a person and more a consumer."
Janus, "You know that is a hard claim, Odysseus. Tell me, why does a simple dosis of Dyloven remove the pain?"
Odysseus, "Most people do not know this, but Dyloven is a very reactive chemical. It binds with the control chemicals to not only mask the pain, but seamlessly merge them with your brain structure. To much fish makes you a consuming zombie for the man! Especially if treated with Dyloven!"
Janus, "Well, what a thing! Thank you Odysseus, we will come back to you later! Now for a small break before our next topic, where we speak with Gynax. She will educate us on some more questionable powers of th Trans Stellars..."


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Janus, "And we are back, bringing you the next thing out there: How does NanoTrasen cover up their Crimes?"
Gynax, "Exactly. Or to be even more specific: How does it cover up the crimes of its employees?"
Janus, "Ah. What kind of crimes do we talk about, Gynax?"
Gynax, "Everything of unsafe working conditions and experimentation on unwilling subjects up to murder."
Janus, "Murder? On the eN Te stations?"
Gynax, "It is more likely then you would believe, Janus! NanoTrasen has access to some highly experimental technologies that can silence any Witness! I am speaking about 'Memory Erasure' here."
Janus, "And what kind of memory erasure do they actually use?"
Gynax, "It is the experimental cloning technologie, of course! Do you really believe they are unable to copy the last 24 hours of your life into the new body? No, they activley choose to not do it!"
Janus, "You are implying that they activley cover up their fatal mistakes?"
Gynax, "Of course, most of the deaths are actually what NT tells their cloned crew. But they leave themself the option to hide any crime a higher up does by simply murdering the witness and replacing them with a less-knowing-replica. I am not saying they do it, of course, but they have the option!"
Janus, "What if someone has no belivable reason to have died to tell the clone? eN Te can not just hide the old body afterall."
Gynax, "Of course they can! Place it next to a fueltank rigged to explode, or throw it in the wilderness for spiders to gnaw on it. It is laugthable easy to obscure the cause of death from 'Shot' to 'Hull Breach'. Especially if you own the security and medical staff."
Janus, "Thank you for the enlightening, Gynax... Up next! The Story of Yole Savik, and how he not only still lives, but activly fights-"```

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Ripley, "Janus! We need to pack! Someone located the sender!"
Janus, "Already? Well, then set up some music while we move on to the next post. Thank you Sif! Thank you Listeners! Radio Free Sif will return, but for now, you can find all our contend somewhere on the exonet, recorded by countless people for everyone to hear, anytime! You will hear of us Soo---"


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This is just gold both humor wise and lore wise I love it

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