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The Bar hidden in Maintance

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 6:56 pm
by DasIrrlicht
I got bored in a Low-pop game of one person, so I did build the Cargo-Bar, fittingly named 'The Em-Bar-go'.
Not pictured: The weaponstash resulting from ordering crates until I got a emag to open the two crates I got no native access to:
The alcohol-cartriges and the Disposals Pipe Dispenser.

The Hatch to the left leads to Maintance, the one to the right to the Warehouse. The command-door leads to the toilet.
(currently a washing machine, I did not want to steal a toilet.)
Do you have any sugestions on how to improve it or want to show a secret (read: wildly known) Bar yourself? Just post.

Also, a little poem that kinda fits.
Poem wrote:The Embargo
by William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

When private faith and public trust are sold,
And traitors barter liberty for gold;
When fell corruption, dark, and deep, like fate,
Saps the foundation of a sinking state;
Then warmer numbers glow through satire's page,
And all her smiles are darken'd into rage;
Then keener indignation fires her eye,
Then flash her lightnings, and her thunders fly!