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Please treat the below information as "reasonably googleable". Spacebook and whatnot.
Main Characters:
Njaran JurlwaShow
Twenty-two year old Tajaran male. Gayer than an entire choir. Kind of a prima-donna when it comes to his personal life but could wrestle a bear. Raised by TV. Left home at age 15 for unstated reasons probably relating to neglectful parents. Worked as a SAARE mercenary for a good six years but was let go for undisclosed reasons. Has only killed like three guys at best, honestly. Low-key wishes he were still a merc but that's not really viable. LOVES republican democracy, like, so much.
Victoria "Auto"Show
Twenty year old B-class drone. A Eureka Personal Synthetic Assistant Mark Five, a brand of personal companion drone that was popular in previous decades because of their highly customizable nature and relatively low price-point (though by now they're on Mark Seven). The reasonably obsessive pet project of a wealthy Skrellian trade broker calling himself Henry Auto. Victoria and Henry lived on a small private ship, bouncing around the Sagittarius Heights for eighteen years, until the starliner they were hitched to exploded, killing Henry. Emergency response teams salvaged her but not him. She has spent the last two years living off of a stipend provided for her continued upkeep and attempting to plug the hole in her pea-sized brain. Very sad and needs a hug. Gets extremely emotional about relatively small things. Does not think she's a person and would not like it if you called her a person. Has a great deal of difficulty adjusting to changes in the galactic landscape that have occured in the last two decades, such as Prometheans now existing or Almach being its own country.
Side Characters:
Erinn BeeryShow
Twenty-five year old Catalog Baby of aggressively queer gender. A carefree hedonist. Father is Michael Beery, a Nanotrasen (Vir Branch) executive and reasonably nice guy. Mother is Elizabeth Beery, trauma surgeon turned cosmetic surgeon and a huge bitch. Suffers from relatively mild unmedicated depression. Spends like ninety percent of their time at leather clubs.
Sheraeshi SeneShow
Twenty year old Teshari female. Pack Sheraeshi is part of a vocal minority of Teshari who advocate for political autonomy and a homeworld to call their own as part of the Free Sirisai movement. Sene does a Teshari zine to raise awareness and donations for her cause. She does not like being called short and has written like five articles about it. Her rhetoric tends to focus on the unmistakable physical differences between Teshari and humans but makes the uncomfortable step of asserting that true cohabitation by any two species is inherently going to be unbalanced in favor of the richer and more populated species. Really really likes orange juice.
Alya ValentinovaShow
42 year old female Catalog Baby. Raised by a polycule of scientists in Terminus Station. Left home with their blessing to study xenobiology and later found herself working with the Aetolian giant slime in the Vounna system. Views Naomi Harper's coup and subsequent formation of the Almach Association as a personal insult (which is completely unwarranted, seeing as she'd hardly met the woman). Hopes to continue her research in Sif. Has difficulty relating to basically anyone not born in the Precursor's Crypt. Best and only friend is HOPE, her pAI, but doesn't really harbor any thoughts of drone personhood.
A C-class drone that emerged to the point of being legally reclassified as B-class. Dry humor and very strange.
Discontinued Characters:
An A-class drone experiment in the viability of psychological modeling in AI design (the Shakespeare project). A wonderfully functional piece of crap. Raised by a noted pedagogue and English scholar, which is probably why she's turned out less of a nutcase than her more cheaply-handled fork-siblings.. Successfully sued for her right to own herself under a shell corporation, generating modest controversy. Skipped town to Relan shortly before the Gray Hour and has not been officially heard from since.

Posts: 376
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Tue May 08, 2018 2:45 am

Ghost-Eater Takala CharleyShow
Listen! Open your eyes and I shall regale you with the tale of! She! Her! Ghost-Eater Takala Charley!

Once, she was wretched, wasting the life she was given with addiction, petty crime, and fair-weather friends. Her family despaired, most of all her grandfather who passed before he could see what would become of her. Though they did strive to set her on the right path, her heart was hardened to their pleas and advice.

But one day! One day, she wandered alone through the woods and grew terribly lost, as the way home had become blocked in an accident. The cold and the chemical cravings of her brain ate at her, as she attempted to find her way back home. The very trees of the forest conspired against her, and she found herself collapsing in a clearing, unable to force herself to move any longer.

Above her, there was a spirit, something like a mote of light. The spirit spoke to here, and she knew its words to be true. It told her that she lay here at a crossroads; that she could refuse the spirit, persist in her path, and die in the cold. This was the fate she had wrought for herself. But there was another path out- could take the spirit of the forest into herself, and become perfect in form and intent. She, her, Takala Charley, would be invested with the will of the spirit, the will of all Kanondaga, and would in doing so become a paragon of justice, a defender of the innocent and redeemer of the wretched.

She took the spirit bodily into herself, clawed her way out of her stupor to breath in its light. It tasted of the air after a storm, of light and pure things, and she found herself freed from her addictions and delusions as she lapsed into a deep sleep.

She awoke in the hospital, where they told her that she had been poisoned badly by the Phoron plating under Kanondaga Forest, and that they had repaired the damage to her brain as well as possible, but that she was lucky to be alive. The Ghost-Eater smiled, because she knew she was not alive because of luck.

The next years passed swiftly, as through constant effort she shed her previous form for one more fitting, as she redeemed or defeated those who had called her friend but who had only sought to accompany her to ruin. She would hear voices, every so often, echoes of the Takala-who-had-been, but she learned to defeat them too, to become ever more perfect. It soon transpired that she exceeded the boundaries of Kanondaga, and sought to bring her revolution to the rest of the galaxy. Further, some found the messages she brought and the self she refused to hide too loud, too true for those who continued to dwell within the dark. The Ghost-Eater found herself on a ship bound for the Vir system, where she took a job as an EIO agent, overseeing the system's drones and ensuring that the tools of mankind would not become a threat to their very existence.

Her happy residence here continued, but soon grew too comfortable. She found that her control of herself, her knowledge of what was pure and what could not be allowed, had slipped, and she had fallen into the pale imitation of Takala-who-had-been. The Ghost-Eater raged at this, when she had gathered the strength to face herself, and once again cleansed herself of imperfections. This revelation and purification were well timed, dancing to the beat of Fate, as soon after the Almach Association was established, who eschewed wisdom and plunged themselves and the rest of humanity headlong into the brink of war and the death-of-the-soul they claimed was the next step in human society.

The Ghost-Eater could not sit by while those who would spit at Nature, laugh at Hubris, and taunt Death steered the course of the future. She applied at once to become an officer in the Sif Defense Force, where she would protect the second home she had grown to love, laying down her life for the future of the galaxy if it came down to it.

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