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Greetings! Today I bring unto you not another attempt to rope together poor souls for session-based games, rather I offer you now: A Starbound Server, with the modset, Frackin' Universe.

Please note that this is not a dedicated server located... somewhere in a room with hundreds of other servers. This is one I am hosting upon my own rig. I intend to minimize downtime, but in the interest of maintaining performance the server/my computer will reboot at 7:30AM (GMT-5) / 12:30PM (GMT 0)
So! A few details first: This is to be a HRP server, as such there is a bit of lore/backstory. As of this moment it's simply a 'slightly' altered version of vanilla Starbound, though this may change in the future. (Let's just see how the first week month goes)

I also intend on making events on occasion, to keep things interesting.

Without further ado...
Server IP:

Steam Workshop Collection of The Server's Mods: (Here!)

The Road Story So Far...
  • - Week One:
    A few weeks after 'The Ruin' destroyed all high population areas, you detect a signal requesting aid in re-establishing order. Said signal is 'Avalli' (Less-Fragile, Nomadic, and tech-obsessed Teshari) in
    origin, and is from an isolated region of space. Near the coordinates Zero, Zero, this signal is broadcasting from an arctic world orbiting a star named after Earth's brightest stars in it's sky. Polaris 09V.

    <<Signal: Active/Inactive: Signal is lost and regained many times per second. | ID: UNKNOWN | Hostile/Precursor/Criminal/Apex signatures detected, Signatures are changing daily. Speculation: Broken Comms Relay/Broadcaster | Message: CORRUPTED... Fragments recovered from corrupted message. 'X is Zero' 'Y is Zero' '0. 9. V. VII' |>>
  • - Week Two:
    Now two months post-Ruin, refugees continue to appear throughout the sector. According to statements, these persons escaped from The Ruin only moments before coming here, despite the fact that The Ruin attack was weeks ago. We suspect there is some 'Time Delay' caused by warping away and/or near The Ruin. Further tests have been scheduled along with the continued construction and colonization of new settlements and labs for The Refugees and Our Scientists, respectively.

    <<Signal: Active| ID: Rashi | Precursor signatures detected alongside Avalli signatures. | Message: Local Sector coordinates are (x=0, y=0) in the system Polaris 09V. Construction is underway for a 'Post-Ruin Response' central command. This is on the outermost planet with the solar system. |>>
  • - Week Three:
    Yet to be written.
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Darn it, I play vanilla and juggeling modpacks is always a pain...

But heh, I know the Avali a bit, so I might check in the days and try joining. I think I still have a pretty unique floran and a somewhat interesting human floating on my laptop... And I could theoretically roll up with any race, really. Vanilla-friendly custom items are Noice.

But I probably will create a relatively fresh character.

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