Pulsar: Lost Colony, Looking for Crew!

For games not Space Station 13.
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Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:38 pm

Allo', Lads!
I'm your residential social recluse, Hunnewle! I'm looking for a group (Read: At least one other person.) to play Pulsar: Lost Colony with.
Ideally we'd have sessions every week, starting around 8:00 PM EDT-4 / 12:00 AM UTC. (Subject to change!)

Now, for the most part I wanna get a group together so I/we can actually play the game instead of hopping onto random games,
with random people, which you will most likely never find again. This makes it hard to actually enjoy the game, to explore, to figure what the heck is going on!
The second reason I want to do this is, well... To put it simply I am seriously socially inept. My hope is, playing with a group will help me out.
Normally I'd leave the latter part of the above paragraph out, but hey, as I said, Socially Inept.
(Piece of advice, If you ever homeschool or are homeschooled, It's very easy to become isolated.) Anyway- This has gotten a bit more personal than I intended.

TL;DR, Looking for other players for Pulsar: Lost Colony. A session can have one to four other persons, if more than four people wish to play I'll work something out.
My preferred time for these sessions would be 8:00 PM EDT-4 / 12:00 AM UTC, once or twice a week. That said, It will be adjusted to best fit all willing players.

I think I've typed enough now... Bloody Hell anxiety is fun !!!FUN!!!

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