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Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:12 am

Byond Key - Toomie

Age - 17, 18 in two weeks.

Time range(including time zone) - CET, not the best time for a server that is mostly active when its 1 am

Character Name - zanorin, hanzo, larry, white mountains.

How long have you played SS13 - around one and a half months

How long have you played on Polaris - around one and a half months

Any previous moderating experience? - yes i have moderated on some Minecraft servers, that went good but i lost in trust in minecraft and the server went down i was helping.

What are your strengths - i really like to help people and make sure that there having fun. i want to know the hole story when something happens to make the best outcome. i am online a lot even if its late at night for me. i have a lot of free time so for things like meetings there is a high change i am online. i don't hold any grudges at people or stay mad. i like to see the best in people and think that people can learn from there mistakes. self aware about things i do and try to improve myself and learn form what happens.

What are your weaknesses - i try to understand things what people say but i don't get it all the time. things get stuck in my head fast and i think to much about it. grammar i am not English so its somethings a bit hard to type what i mean.

What would you consider the biggest strength of the server, how could we keep maintaining that strength? - its the thing that i got when i joined with is help and support of people. i love that this server feels like one big friends group somethings. there are a good amount of moderates and people online that will help you. the admins do fun things randomly somethings and helps me when i want to do something or don't know if i can do something. how you can keep maintaining that strength is to keep helping and supporting the people playing. keep doing events and fun things.

What’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it? - i think the biggest problem is that there not a lot of people online somethings but that can be seen as not a problem because people don't only play ss13. the thing is that i think there is really no problem right know on the server. and that i want to help to make sure that stays that way.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability -
An adminhelp comes in claiming a player is a potential griefer. Said player also happens to be a traitor. - i will first ask way they think there are a potential griefer if that is not said in the a help. try to make sure what they say is true, first by looking if i can see it with my own eyes before asking the person that is a potential griefer. if they did something that is in the rules i will try to explain to the person that adminhelped. if the potential griefer is really breaking some rules, i will say it to them that what there doing is not within the rules. if there say that they did not know i will tell them that its okay or what they can do instead. if it was to point to grief i will ask what the other moderators think. if there no moderators online i will resolve it on my own if its not something that big.

A player is upset in deadchat about another player's reaction to something they did, but they are clearly in the wrong. How would you handle this? - ask them why there so upset and talk for a bit to hear his part of the story. explain why i think that he is wrong in a way that it make sens for them. if there still upset and unreasonable i will ask if they can stop and try to keep it for them self. if there still typing and making people upset, i will have to mute them or do something ells as a means to make clear that this is not good to do.

When interviewing several players, one is lying but you cannot tell who it is. How would you proceed? - i will try to find out who is lying by looking in the logs if what they say if true.( i don't if i can just see in the logs this is what i think) if i find out that one is lying i ask them why there were. i think lying is not something that people can just do with things like this. and then i will punish them a cording to the rules.
if i cant find out the one that is lying by looking in the logs i will try my best to find out by asking people that may know in moment that there not the busy doing rp things

Can you attend bimonthly staff meetings on teamspeak?- yes i dont have teamspeak right know but if i need to i can just download it and use it i don't mind talking with people on teamspeak i prefer it then typing. and i am normally free on Sundays and around that time

Preferred means of contact - discord

Anything Else You Want to Add - i don't think this will be accepted i will of course like it and want it but i understand that i am not too long on this server and that i am still only 17. i do hope i get a change and that i can show how much i want to help people and make this a good place. but like i said i understand if this will not get accepted.

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Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:23 am

Going to put this up to the vote staff side. Will have a response by next Tuesday.

Please note this application is missing the check from the application write up. Please look at Link. In particular the section starting with 'Interjection from the headmin.' Once you find the marker check please post it here in this application. Thank you.

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Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:15 pm

Votes tally is in.

Unfortunately, I am afraid this application is going to be denied at this time. Most cited reasons were due to player age / time on server. However, there were several positive comments in regards to you being a nice player.

In short, get more time under your belt in the community.

You are free to reapply at a minimum from one month from now. But I would highly recommend waiting two or three. If you have any more questions, comments, or want a more in depth breakdown of how your vote went. Please feel free to direct message me on discord for a chat.

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