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Byond key - Toomie

Species you want to apply for - Promethean

Name of Characters In-game - white mountains, Zanorin Kamin, Hanzo Menda, Larry Davis

How long you've been playing Polaris - one and a half months

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behavior's necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play :

Core Mechanics - Can change their physical shape and color at will, Devoid of nearly all internal organs found in other humanoids, Can consume almost any organic matter that will fit within their bodies,Continuous passive regeneration and can spend nutrition to regenerate lost limbs and repair their brain, Water is bad for them and will cause toxic damage, resistant to physical attacks, but very vulnerable to burn damage, Mostly unaffected by radiation results in light emission, limb severs much more easily, More susceptible to temperature extremes, Injecting two sheets worth of phoron into the core will rejuvenate the Promethean's torso around it, Many chemicals are less effective on Prometheans.

Physiology - all Prometheans have been observed to possess a core that contains a substantial electrical charge at all times. Prometheans appear to have slight variations in their cores from individual to individual. What is understood is that this core serves as the primary storage for the Promethean’s genetic information. Cloning of a Promethean's core, rather than rejuvenation through phoron-supplemented biomass production, results in a comparatively frail core. The epidermis is comprised of a semipermeable membrane that allows absorption of desirable materials, but it keeps unwanted things outside. there skin is not really stronger then other humanoids. pressure is not good for them so so space is not a nice thing for them. instead of a skeleton they have a pilable, that is a dense fluid structure. it can be reshaped at will. Over long periods of time without material replacement, the tubes forming the skeleton will begin to become stiff. Outside of these organs, the majority of a Promethean’s body mass is not well understood.

Diet - Prometheans are filter feeders, subsisting on a diet of just about any organic matter available. they can eat most things that can be harmful or lethal to humanoids, including most alkaloid toxins. water in things like meat is fine for them.

Life Cycle - Prometheans are artificially generated lifeforms, only public ally known to have been created in Xenobiology labs using highly sophisticated gene-splicing and cloning techniques. a new Promethean looks almost just like a grey slime. but it will start to grow really fast depending on the food it gets. they learn most things from mimicry and observation. Depending on the seed DNA used in their creation, adolescent Prometheans may adopt differing techniques to learning about their environment, but all young Prometheans display a strong affinity for mimicry as a means of learning and retaining information.
Prometheans are artificially generated lifeforms, only public ally known to have been created in Xenobiology labs using highly sophisticated gene-splicing and cloning techniques. While the exact process is not a matter of public record, the process is known to involve the synthesis of terrestrial primate DNA, or the genetic material of other non-terrestrial similarly intelligent species (such as Stok, Neaera, or Farwa DNA) with that of the Aetolian giant slime or its genetically-modified cousins.

Post-Death - they don't really die until there core is irreparably damaged. phororegenesis may be attempted up to ten minutes after removal from the body mass via a phoron injection of 40 unit volume. after that time it is still possible but the structures believed to be responsible for memory processing and storage will begin to degrade.

Behavior - Early on in their development, Prometheans may exhibit a preference for a specific body color, or “resting color”,this is usually infinitude by there parent species. they will often display their emotional state via their present body color, As with their physical shape. Prometheans are a nearly universally inquisitive race, often inspired by their scientist creators to learn as much as they can about their environment. They tend to have trouble grasping abstract and non-binary concepts such as philosophy; preferring to focus on the physical and practical sciences. Over time a Promethean's personality may tend to 'settle' as they emulate the world and people around them with little change. this is douse not have to be permanent. Chirping, clicking, gurgling, or other acquired sounds are commonly used by Prometheans to signify lesser emotional shifts or reactions.

Society and Culture - they lack a unified, documented culture because there an artificially-created species so new to the universe. Being able mimics, Prometheans will enthusiastically adapt aspects of other societies culture to their own purposes, and naming conventions are no exception. Prometheans are most commonly named by those involved in their creation. Due to existing SCG regulations, Prometheans are not currently allowed to live completely independently. they must have a legal guardian.

Technology - While being fairly quick studies and highly enthusiastic about technology in general, there is yet to be any new or unique technology to be directly attributed to Promethean ingenuity. Due to the malleable nature of their physical bodies, Prometheans are easily able to adapt other species technology not intended for their use, such as space suits. As such, Prometheans will be able to make prodigious use of whatever technology they can get their pseudopods on.

Variants of Common Articles - Items (Worn, in most common cases) should be purely synthetic, or nearly so. Clothing articles for every-day use, and easily-stained equipment should be cleaned regularly and often. items with sharp edges on or near areas of use (tools, tables, etc) should be rounded to prevent both damage to the dermal layer. Devices should have sealed seams, and as few open gaps as possible on interfaces.

Relations -
Humanity : They tend to be viewed with more sympathy in the technophilic Almach Rim
Skrell : they just see it as a thing humans made
Teshari : Teshari have no official political stance as regards Prometheans as a species.
Tajaran : Tajaran governments often lack bias in either direction for Prometheans
Diona : The Dionaea view Prometheans with the same sort of detached curiosity they view most species.
Vox : Vox tend to find Prometheans confounding and difficult to work with. They also find them to be delicious. <----- (bruh)

some Miscellaneous Notes - Prometheans will often avoid high velocities, unless their bodies are mostly sealed within some form of container, due to the 'Water Balloon' effect. The loss of locomotive control and speech slurring resulting from ingestion of alcohol is not the result of impaired brain function, rather the degrading of the Promethean's ability to control its skeletal structure for movement. Commonly, a Promethean weighs between 75 to 100 pounds.

Why do you want to play this species? - i think there a cool new thing for me. i really like the idea to be a slime and i think there really cute somethings like the Promethean salty i don't know her last name, or the Promethean from schnayy.

Anything else you wish to add - this is my second time writhing this first time i had to little play time so i hope its fine now.

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Righto, universal improvement already with some moderate concerns, but still as is my tradition, a few questions.

1) How long have the Prometheans been on the galactic stage?

2) What is currently happening with the Promethean home-world?

3) What is the importance of a Guardian?

4) How do Prometheans view Rainbow Slimes?

5) What might be your first character concept in a sentence?

However, in regards to concerns, being Cute isn't the intention of the species, so while some characters may sit in that field it's a thin line from okay to problematic.

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1) How long have the Prometheans been on the galactic stage? - in 2540 the first Promethean was created accident in a lab aboard the NRS Prometheus, Dubbed ‘Pr[r]-1’. so around 24 years.

2) What is currently happening with the Promethean home-world? the promethean homeworld is Vounna and has become a member of the Almach Association

3) What is the importance of a Guardian? SCG regulations state that Prometheans cant live alone and must have a guardian. the guardian is in portend because the Prometheans are a new Species and things are still unknown, and that there Behavior can change a lot.

4) How do Prometheans view Rainbow Slimes? - Rainbow slimes often appear, subjectively, more often the standing color of the observing Promethean.(yes this is copyed from the wiki but i just don't know how to say it in my own words i do uderstand what it mean)

5) What might be your first character concept in a sentence? - guardian is a diona, and the promethean trys to mimic the why thy do things.

about the cute thing i know that is just how i think about them and that there dont have to be played like that i got beatup my one yesterday so i dont that there not always cute but i meant it more like i think they can be really cute and i like that am that i like to play them like that somethings.

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Alright. I can give my +1, though a note, technically the Association is now the Almach Protectorate, under the Skrell. I'm curious to see how a Diona-guardian works out.

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