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BYOND name - Toomie
Species i want to apply for - Promethean
Character name - Demir zanor
job - chemistry
How long have i be playing on polaris - almost 2 weeks now

what i know frome Promethean
promethean are a species of artificially-created gelatinous humanoids, it can change color and shape to mimic different live forms.
some mechanics are that water is toxic for them, almost dont have orgons but have a brain what is the slime core in there torso
can consume almost a organic matter that fits in there body, dont get hurt form rad but glow instead,many chemical work less on them with some side effects
phoron can rejuvenate the torso around the core is injected, limes severs much faster but you can get them back more easy.
like a slime the Promethean haze a core that is the brain of it all cores are a bit different cloning the core will make a more frail one that can hurt the Promethean in his life span
Promethean don't like space because of there weak skin that is sensitive for substantial air pressure or lack thereof,
the skeleton is make of dense fluid that is more weak then a normal skeleton, Promethean's are filter feeders, subsisting on a diet of just about any organic matter available
Promethean have extremely tolerant of tings that can kill or harm normal humans like most alkaloid toxins
Promethean are make in labs made from the DNA of the Aetolian giant slime in the early life there looks like gray slime's then there can become fully formed adults in minutes with good food.
Promethean learn almost all things form mimicry and observation but depending on the seed DNA can make there learning why different
Promethean only relay die when there core all irreparably damaged the core can be restored after 10 min
the behavior can we shown by there color usually heavily influenced by the color of their parent species. over time the color may settle the settle color of my Promethean will be red so he will be shot temper and bullheaded, chirping, clicking, gurgling, or other acquired sounds are used for lesser emotional shifts or reactions
being new Promethean don''t have a documented culture. some Promethean can have really weird name but also really normal ones.
all Promethean have a guardian and cant live alone
items worn must be made of synthetic, or nearly so to prevent breakdown

this some up what i think is the most impotent things i can add more but then i can also copy past the wiki
i realy like the look of the Promethean and the why the colors and shape's works i think there really original and you don''t see theme a lot and i think that is sad i really like them
i dont know if this post is good or not i tried my best but is not someting i am good at if you want to know more pleas ask me so i can prove that i am good to play this species

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Alright, after a day and a half of consideration and talking to other staff, I can't confidently give my +1 on this. I feel you need a bit more time to acclimate to the server and its mechanics than just 2 weeks, as Prometheans are in a very odd position mechanically as well as in-character. You can DM me on Discord directly for questions or concerns regarding it, if you'd like.

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