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Species you want to apply for: Unathi

Name of Characters In-game: Penelope Escarcega, Tzvia Ahkiong, Arnold Moss, endless retired ones

How long you've been playing Polaris: Early 2016

Some example names of the species: Oen'g Issek, Elu Ibelum, Ssegorath Esskor

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:

Biology - Cold-blooded, bipedal reptiles, carnivorous and active at dusk and dawn. Like other reptiles, they are covered in hard scales across their body except where flexibility demands softer ones. They're on average much taller and heavier than humans, and keep growing even into old age. Their bones are quite thick, and their ribcage extends all the way down to their pelvis, which increases their durability, but forces them into a much wider gait than other species. They're able to regrow lost limbs over long periods of time. They reproduce the good old fashioned way, and hatch from their eggs in an animalistic state. By five, they begin walking upright and show signs of sapient intelligence; by ten, they are able to speak and receive a name from their parents; by forty they are considered adults. Four decades later, they begin producing the next generation. They can live for centuries, limited only by unnatural death and their great size becoming too much for their bodies to handle. There are a few diseases known to effect Unathi, such as the rare Black Egg Syndrome, which causes disease, but between their natural hardiness, and cooperation betwen Unathi, Human and Skrell medical researchers many diseases have been cured and life expectancy has never been higher.

Homeworld - In orbit around Uueoa-Esa, the planet Moghes, is dominated by a supercontinent of dry plains and scorching deserts. The most temperate regions are made up of swamps and savannas, while the north pole, sitting under Kharet, is dominated by a cool plain. The land is dotted by stark Unathi city-holds, that function has hubs for trade and industry. Agriculture and pastures fill the space between them, where they can manage, and travel between city-holds is generally done via public transport: buses and trains. Besides the Unathi, a variety of other animals litter the surface, though the most commonly known ones have been fully or partially domesticated for consumption. Stok, a small bipedal monkey analogue are kept by ranchers for meat, as are the quadruped pack hunting Threshers, and huge gecko-like Sissalik, who serve as draft animals. Lesser known are the endangered Duneworm (considered a delicacy) and the aquatic creatures found in the swamps and lakes scattered across Moghes. Of note for plants are Velo, which serves as the main food source for Stok (or used for weaving) and the Strangler vines which strangle anything that gets too close to them in the swamps.

History - Their early history is marked by the gradual adoption of sedentary life, as Unathi begin organizing themselves in clans, and invent writing to track the seasons, and lineages of their families. Around four thousand years before the present day (2563) the first city state is founded, Moghes, where the modern capitol sits today. Seven hundred years later, after constant warring, that city-state would ally itself with its old enemies, founding The Unity, the exuberant new faithful begin spreading their religion, and their influence, by the sword. After seven hundred years of brutal expansion, the Unity manages the unthinkable, uniting all of Moghes under their High Circle. The next two thousand years are made up of gradual industrialization, interrupted by a devastating civil conflict wherein the Redeemers attain legitimacy in the eyes of the Orthodox, and end finally in the Unathi space age: the first colony is established on Kharet, the polar moon. A century and a half later another civil war will see the Redeemers return the path of redemption to a more ascetic way, preventing cynical Unbound to view them as the easy way out of exile and punishment, and giving them more control over their flock. Centuries pass in relative peace, as the Hegemony does its best to retain power over the newly established colonies. A third great reformation is had, reaffirming the value of Unathi life, in an attempt to steer the Unathi away from further violence and civil war. In 2508, Unathi expansion causes them to discover humanity, who they immediately decide to attack. Despite initial victories, the combined forces of Earth and Qerr'balak force the Hegemony back and peace is agreed to. An uneasy coexistence develops between the spacefaring species of the Milky Way. Through actions by both governments (Solgov protecting its new alien minorities, and the High Circle opening up the Unity to all sapients), coexistence remains for now.

Society - Organized by clan, led by a Theocracy and highly collectivist, Unathi culture is very conservative by mainstream Human standards. After their early years, spent shedding their animal like instincts under the watchful eyes of their parents, Unathi are sent to be educated and begin training for a career they find suitable. Once they've found a job, they will spend the next few decades studying under an older more experienced craftsman, until they finally reach adulthood and begin working on their own. After a few decades or centuries of working, they might come to be seen as a craft-master, and train the next generation of students. If age and experience wisen them, and they should gain the respect of their peers, the Unathi may be considered an Elder, and be a prominent voice in their clan. While the above may sum up an average Moghes Hegemony citizen's life, there are those who, through one way or another, fall outside the traditional way of life promoted by the Unity. All Unathi by definition fall into one of four categories.

Unity: The Orthodox, common Unathi of Moghes. They respect the Unity, their clan elders and the typical Unathi practices.

Unbound: Unathi who are unwilling or unable to follow the rules, either leave or are exiled from their clan and lose their standing in society.

Heretics: Any clan that retains its cohesion, but rejects Orthodox Unity doctrine in part or in whole. Includes clans that reside in human space and adapted their customs.

Redeemers: A huge organization of Unbound who have been reborn into the Unity faith through hard work and fidelity to the Redeemed. A Priestly-Caste that has largely subsumed the authority of the more secular High Circle, and forced its views of what the Unity should be onto the whole of Moghes.

Religion - In the beginning there were an untold number of spirits, but then a sixth spirit, the Unmaker, began devouring them as part of their gambit to control all of existence. The last five spirits managed to beat back the Unmaker, who remains in hiding to this day. A pyrrhic victory, if the Unathi do not do their part to prepare the afterlife for the End War, and defeat the Unmaker once and for all. The spirits are as follows:

The Giver, Uueoa-Esa: mother of the Unathi, and the star which Moghes orbits around.
The Illuminator: The wanderer, who gives advice and wisdom to those receptive towards it.
The Builder: Patron of craftsmen, maintains the gates to the afterlife, and designer of the Unathi as a gift to Uueoa-Esa (sounds like they'd be the de facto father deity but let me know if that's heresy)
The Reclaimer: Sorts the worthy from the unworthy dead and recycles the spirits of those found wanting. Patron of war, death and funerals. Unpopular with most Unathi due to the grim nature of their sphere.
The Trickster: Patron of the spurned outcast and sometimes aids them in rejoining the flock.

Each Unathi must follow the decrees, and strive to master their craft in life, so that they might pass into the afterlife. The decrees are as follows: Speak honestly, respect the wisdom of your elders, master your chosen craft, redeem the unbound (but really make them work at it), don't give the Reclaimer any extra work, and accept the faithful of other species.

Social norms - Unathi do not like being touched or called by their first name, unless familiar with the other person. On the other hand, once they trust someone, baring their throat to them is a serious gesture of trust. Anxious Unathi may sway or fidget in reptilian ways (tasting the air or doing weird stuff with their scales). Irritated Unathi may thump their tails or make weird reptilian throat noises. I'd imagine some Unathi frighteningly bare their teeth in an attempt to smile (an emote I used to use on bay). Broadly speaking, most Unity Unathi will be more formal and respecting of hierarchy than the average Human crewmember, especially the tsundere ones like Taylor Hegarty. Unathi from a Human world, such as Abel's Rest, may adopt some of the dominant culture's behavior.

Restrictions - Onboard Nanotrasen vessels, Unathi are forbidden from serving as CD or HoS, and are generally not preferred for any command roles, even acting. Sugar is bad for carnivores, and Unathi are too bulky to wear lesser species' hardsuits.
Why do you want to play this species?: They're my favorite non-human, non-corgi, non-monkey species that can appear on the Southern Cross or Northern Star. Their cultural norms and aesthetic add an interesting dynamic to the station. There have been a lot of memorable Unathi characters over the years, but I've seen almost no Unathis recently, so I wish to join the fray.

Anything else you wish to add:
I still pronounce it as Yew-noth-ee.

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Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:18 pm

Please give me an idea on what sort of character you'd be running, if/when you have access to the race?

Urist McInternetUser
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A security officer who is not thrilled to be in human space but finds the stratification, monotony, and high pay to his liking. A chef who left Moghes on his journey to master the art of cooking (to ensure his place in lizard valhalla). And maybe a lowly cargo tech from a heretical, assimilated clan on Abel's rest. I'm not sure if I'll play all/any of them but these are the kinda ideas I've bounced around.

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I more mean "What will your first Unathi be? Please send me details so we can discuss it." Discord or forum messages are fine, if you want that to be relatively private, but I do like to know specifics one at least the first lizard people make to make sure they've got a solid handle on how the species should be played.

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Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:56 am

Approved, should be live next round, ask if you've got further questions, etc.


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