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BYOND Key: Solariium

Species you want to apply for: Zaddat

Name of Characters In-game: Sol, Jeremy Solaris, Conor Moloney

How long you've been playing Polaris: Only recently started playing on Polaris, but have been very active.

Some example names of the species: Ezelt Ivalti, Zelt Narua, Avalt Ferz. Just harsh sounding names.

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play: The origin of the species starts with a monarch, and guilds that lose all power to the ruling body. This doesn't last much longer with a revolution sweeping of Xohox, forcing the ruling parties to place their power in the newly formed Noble Guild, or getting rid of the Queens all together. With this, the current guild system is formed, allowing the Engineering guild to be some of the strongest and most prominent, taking all of the manual labour and doing generally the most around. With the help of this, and the other guilds an industrial revolution is started, and the skies of Xohox start to darken. Crops begin to fail, and panic sets in. This forces the progression of science, by adopting a photosynthetic symbiotes, which infects and destroys part of the Zaddat themselves, taking away their ability to tolerate light. All the surviving and remaining guilds protect themselves, and leave all others not within a guild out to die. This soon turns into the new norm around the Zaddat. It is not long after that the Unathi Hegemony flex their muscles to the Zaddat and begin building a base to administer their new converts, to the Unity. This is also around the same time that the Spacer Guild is formed, allowing the construction of the Shrouds which the Zaddat are often housed in now, and the Colonies, which are practically their space faring homes. The Spacer Guild is also a combination of the Trade Guild that they went to war with, and easily defeated, pulling them into their own guild. This is the general ground works of their history.

It wasn't until sometime later that the Spacer Guild had formed another agreement that lead to them making their way into SolGov space, and starting colonies there. This is also around the same time another guild split from the Engineering Guild, the Drone Guild, which believed that machines would be the saving grace of the Zaddat, and make life easier for them.

Relations with most species, is... acceptable to an extent.
For humans, they are on one side of the coin grateful for allowing their Colonies to be present, and on the other side know they are being used to an extent, to which they are unsure.
Positronics show a rather large threat to the Zaddat, as they often compete for similar jobs and this causes large racial tension.
One guild is fascinated by the Drones, but others not as much, uncaring if you will.
The Zaddat also seem to find Prometheans just confusing overall, either useless or spark a geniune curiousity.
The Zaddat also seem to hate the Skrell, almost in unison, as they turn potential canidate planets into carbon copies of their homeworld, destroying many chances for the Zaddat to find a new homeworld, that is not destroyed.
The Unathi are their rulers, and they are often loyal to them, besides those of the non-followers.
The Tajaran wish to assist and even ally themselves with the Zaddat, to reduce many of their dependencies on Solar, and modernize many aspect of the Zaddat. Though the more nomadic Zaddat do not agree with this.
The Diona seem to be interested in helping the Zaddat teraform a new home, but there has yet to be a suitable planet found. Some of the Diana have taken up residence on the Zaddat Colonies.
The Teshari relate to the Zaddat very well, both species that have lost their home planet, and lack many resources to assist each other.
The Vox are not liked, at all.

Why do you want to play this species?: I wish to play this species due to their unique stance on many problems, and their interesting guild organization. They also offer a new challenge to myself, which comes in the form of learning to play something that is far from human, and to make them fit in, in a sense.

Anything else you wish to add: Negatory.

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Pinging whitelist managers. ping me in 48 hours if they don't reply

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Hi hello thank you for applying, want to ask a few questions before I give you the go-ahead.

Tell me a bit more about the relationship of the Zaddat to the Unity?

Tell me more about Zaddat culture, the values and behaviors they are generally expected to have.

Tell me about some recent events that might impact how a Zaddat character will be percieved or act.

Tell me about the important figures in Vir's Zaddat Colony, and the name of that colony.

Also what do Zaddat generally eat?

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Well, the Zaddat had already many of the same believes as the Unity when they had come to help them out, but they openly follow the Unity, and even have a sect of their own religious beliefs in it. Many also see the Unity as a divine intervention, and for saving them. So, their relationship is quite strong, and have strong ties, there are always those that do not believe as greatly, and majority are not nearly as religious as the Unathi.

The Zaddat culture is also heavily based around their guilds, and the dedication to their crafts. They are expected to join a guild and to learn the craft to the best of their abilities. Otherwise the Zaddat that do not join guilds, anyone of the five, are as good as dead.

I'm not necessarily sure what you mean by recent events, by I'll take a shot in the dark here. The Zaddat give me the impression that they wouldn't necessarily care about the elections that have happened recently, and would be much more concerned with whatever work they are currently attending to.

The Colony ship that is present in Vir is the ship called Bright, which is a severely under-populated ship, due to it's distance from Unmaker's Fury, and the protection of the rest of the fleet. I'll be honest, I've read the wiki page quite a bit, and can't find any names, maybe I'm just not in the right place though. But the biggest figures in Zaddat Colonies is often the Engineers Guild and the Noble Guild, as they are the largest and are often tasked with the most work, although it could be argued that the Spacer Guild has a large place too, as they handle all external affairs.

All food that the Zaddat eat, or anything they drink is processed through their suit, along with any waste they create. Could not find further information.

EDIT: If possible, could you let me know what the things I am missing are? Seems I'm missing some info, somehow.

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Mostly good, though there's a few details I'd like to correct.

There's far more than 5 Zaddat guilds-- there are upwards of a thousand, actually. The big named ones are simply the largest and most influential.

The "recent event" in question is the annexation of the human-populated Dark Triangle by the Unathi Hegemony, a move that has made many people very uncomfortable with hosting Hegemony warships and subjects in Sol's borders. This has led to some vocal backlash against the Zaddat, who were by all indications uninvolved with the event in question.

The captain of the Bright is Zidz Ivti, student of the head of the Spacer's Guild, Ivti Azav Xohox. The Unbound Unathi Iheraer Saelho is in charge of the Colony's escort.

I'm going to go ahead and give you the thumbs up. Ping me (or another Zaddat player who's more active, like DasIrrlicht) if you have any questions or concerns.

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