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MsRandylicious - Promethean

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:54 pm
by MsRandylicious
BYOND Key: MsRandylicious

Species you want to apply for: Promethean.

Name of Characters In-game: Aubrey Delannoy, Saffron Bennett, Leilani Hawker, Theia, Lavender Lionhart and Avalona Reeves.

How long you've been playing Polaris: About a year and four months ^^

Some example names of the species: Naming conventions don't really apply to Prometheans. They can be named anything. More indepedant Prometheans may pick their own name. Names of Prometheans I've seen in rounds are: Mister Sparkles, Sevacre, Wayfinder, Phage, Mehl, Well, Deli and Caoimhe.

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
Prometheans are basically humanoid slimes, except the humanoid classification doesn't go much further than looks as there isn't a whole lot of evidence to show they have organs or organ systems. They all possess a core (located in the torso), all of which differ slightly between each individual. Their epidermal layer is a semipermeable membrane that aids with absorption of things, like food, or blood if you're nasty; It's good at keeping out unwanted/harmful elements too. The macro-cytoskeleton supports their body, and due to its flexible nature, can be reshaped at will although this is a slow and taxing process. Overall, a Promethean's body isn't well understood; they're able to regenerate when they're injured, with it believed it's something to do with the fact they have various cells in their body that are able to repurpose themselves as needed. Water is highly damaging to Promethean's, inverting their regeneration abilities, resulting in a build up of toxins.
Younger Promethean's may have a preference for a "resting colour", that is often influenced by the colour of the parent species. They're able to represent their emotional state with these bodily colours, but doing so requires constant conscious effort, and is usually more for strongly felt emotions. Lesser impacting emotions can be presented with noises instead, such as chirps and gurgles. Like humans, Prometheans have a similar emotional capacity, but as almost universally they are inquisitive by nature (normally inspired by their creators). Ignoring these, it's possible for a Promethean to gain their personality from the "parent"; slimes, e.g. one from a black slime may be more timid or reserved than other colour types.
Bringing up a Promethean isn't easy, considering their corrosive nature. Often people can raise them wrong, treating them like a child or pet instead, stunting their development long-term since their earlier tactics of learning is mimicry. They legally need a Guardian who is responsible for them (which can be NT) as they are something of a grey area; never an adult, but not really a child either, most likely due to their new and unknown nature. Guardians can manage distance if they're able to supervise the Promethean's home, and react quickly to changes. These homes usually require an AI of class B or higher. Promethean's can't live outside of the same system as their Guardian too.
As for their background: Prometheans "homeworld"; is Aetolus, but not much is known about the planets state of affairs outside of their leader. However it is known that as of 2563, they are a member of the Almach Association.

Why do you want to play this species?: I think Promethean's are a really neat species, and I'd like to try stepping out of my comfort zone with them. Hopefully it'll be a good step forward for my writing, too.

Anything else you wish to add: Slime spiders when? *chitters*

Re: MsRandylicious - Promethean

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:56 am
by Mechoid
Slime spiders when I get to make Black Slime extracts do Lazarus.

Hokay! My eyes go buggy reading blocks sometimes, but I do have a few questions.

1) What effect might the current situation between the SCG and Almach Association have upon a Promethean?

2) What is the importance of a Promethean's standing color?

3) How might a Guardian prepare their homes and appliances for the presence of a Promethean?

4) How do Cryogenic processes in the Medical Bay affect Prometheans?

Re: MsRandylicious - Promethean

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:15 pm
by MsRandylicious
Sorry about the poor format! I did everything in notepad, and then I mashed it together on mobile so it came out worse on PC. ;-;! I've had to do it for this too so I hope it doesn't come out bad again :v

1) There might be mistrust with the confirmation of Aetothean Prometheans in 2562 (26/05), although I'm not entirely certain, because each person is different (Although that isn't entirely different from the general non-charitable attitude given previously). However that's just, affects on a Promethean socially.
Extreme circumstances (like the Almach Association) have a large influence on Promethean's ability to "settle" [their personality], because they can emulate the world and people around them if there are little changes; the new or refreshed experiences from things changing in drastic ways causes the shifts that prevent settling. (This isn't a cessation of mimicry though, and it isn't 'permanent').

2) The importance of a standing colour is it can be the basis for the Promethean's personality, for example a red coloured Promethean is likely to have a short temper.

3) They'd need to have modified things for the Promethean's, such as worn items being purely/mostly synthetic, things with sharp edges rounded off, sealed seams on devices, and they'd need to frequent clean the objects/surfaces the Promethean comes in contact with to prevent damages.

4) Depends on the mixture used, but it overall has reduced effectiveness in healing them of injuries. Cryoxadone will cause twitching and paralysis, and will mute the Promethean. Clonexadone causes seizures, and also mutes them.

Re: MsRandylicious - Promethean

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:49 pm
by Mechoid
It's all good. I've got some concerns, though they're nothing huge or 'YOU WILL GET BANNED / DELISTED FOR THIS', it's just lore poking; though I think your nerves are making it off. So, I've got no issue giving you my +1.