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Kartagrafi - Promethean

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:33 am
by kartagrafi
BYOND Key: kartagrafi

Species you want to apply for: Promethean

Name of Characters In-game: Rhodes Belenko, Devon Emerson, Kindle von Brandt (old), Vermilion, Nova Newman-- and as of recent, Mikhail Ardelean

How long you've been playing Polaris: Since 2018, with significant breaks.

Some example names of the species: Can be anything, depending on the Promethean's creator or the Promethean itself.

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play: So, what I know:
Prometheans are essentially laboratory experiments derived from primitive slimes, and share much of the same traits, such as corrosive qualities, their gelatinous bodies and personality according to color. They're gooey, very weak against water and their limbs may be prone to 'sploding. Oh, and their jello's corrosive. Generally, they're sentient science experiments, and they're very flexible fast learners that tend to assimilate into society quickly.

Much like other, manmade discriminated species, Prometheans face difficulties and a lack of rights. This, of course, gets them brownie points with Almach. See: Aetolus, the iconic Goo Homeworld where Prometheans have an incredibly comfortable amount of rights.

Prometheans have a body structure entirely inexplicable to many, gooey with a more solid faux-skeleton inside. In the very center of their chest is a core, squishy but fairly durable, and they're easily resurrected with a phoron injection.

Why do you want to play this species?: I had a really fun time playing a juvenile Promethean and would be really interested in playing one in their developmental stage if I could find anyone to play the guardian! Otherwise I just generally find these goos fascinating as they're very versatile and can have some interesting upbringings, especially due to being what some would consider lab rats.

Also, I've got a solid character concept now, so, give me.

Anything else you wish to add: nya

Re: Kartagrafi - Promethean

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:46 am
by Mechoid
Alright because I was bribed with a gun emoji pls to not forget, here I am earlier than the norm. Generally a little vague, but hopefully the questions will mitigate that.
And onto ze questions.

1) What might occur if a Promethean is required to be Cloned?

2) What is a standing color? Why is it, and the other colors a Promethean shows, important?

3) What is a guardian? Why is it important?

4) What mistakes might said guardian make?

5) What political event recently occurred that might influence the general populace's perception of Prometheans? How might a response to that manifest in one?

6) What rights might they lack, compared to a Human in Vir?

Re: Kartagrafi - Promethean

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:16 pm
by kartagrafi
1) Cloning will fuck up the Promethean's core, possibly causing permanent damage, but primarily memory loss. Cloning is bad. It's unrefined and Prometheans are confusing for technology, and the longer a core is left unattended, the more messed up the reviving process will be.

2) A standing (resting?) color is the color that primarily represents the individual's personality and something they will always default to. The Promethean's color may also switch to represent their emotions, intensity varying.

3) Prometheans, like drones and positronics, are manmade, and thus special precautions are taken. There's still a lot to learn about them, as well, and with NT's distrust towards this lab rat species, they're assigned guardians to keep an eye on them, raise them... Sort of like parents, but way more controlling.

4) Not sure what this means...? General parenting mistakes, I'd figure? Letting Prometheans loose would also be dangerous, I'd figure, since they're really curious and can be a little destructive and... They'd probably get their grubby hands on stuff.

5) Prometheans are particularly involved with Almach, especially since in a multitude of cases they've been involved in militant actions. They've been used in assaults, and as bio-weapons in general, and thus, trust is low. Aetolus, the prime organizator of the beginnings of the Almach Association, is well-known for taking advantage of Prometheans as weapons in the Almach-Sol conflict, and even went as far as to consider creating a bigger, stronger and more dangerous strain of Prometheans. Prometheans were involved in the major first corporate coup on Aetolus which essentially lead to the existence of the Almach Association (starting from the Grey Hour), and whether their research and creation should be allowed to go on has been a hotly debated topic for a good while, primarily opposed by the Icarus Front. It's easy to assume this warrants a lot of hostility from IF and Sol-aligned NanoTrasen.

Recent events suggest an incoming major conflict, and Prometheans have a lot of reasons to fear it, considering the skepticism of SCG and the amount of power they have over them. They might expect their guardians and superiors to become more overbearing, and their kind's general allegiance with Almach makes it all the more of a threat.

6) Generally: Can't really own things, they aren't considered a citizen- They're pretty much on the same level as drones, rights-wise, and highly reliant on their guardian.

Re: Kartagrafi - Promethean

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:16 pm
by Mechoid
Alrighty, you seem to have it down, but I like explaining things so I'm going to do this more.

4) Is generally regarding treating them like a Human Child or similar, as that can cause issues with how they interact.

6) They're not quite Drone-level, as they are People with the right to life / safety, they just exist in a grey-zone due to positronic legislation from ages ago that makes them sit in a spot where they can't be sovereign / do things like vote. I should probably put the 'Citizenship just defaults to the guardian's for legal reasons barring [Almach] circumstances' down now that I notice.

Aside from that, though, I don't have issue giving you my +1 barring acts of Administration or God. I'll keep my eyes out for a bit, though, and if you have questions I continue to Exist.