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Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:14 pm

BYOND Key: APsychonaut

Species you want to apply for: Zaddat

Name of Characters In-game: Heidi Roussou, Karla, Natalie Stocker, Jasmine Ward, Drone-K and others.

How long you've been playing Polaris: I'm really bad with time, and used to be stoned 24/7 when playing but at least two years? Since the middle of the Star's lifecycle, at least.

Some example names of the species: Ahkzi Etziv, Xhoxza Aziz, Afhrit Zett

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
Brown nose superiors in an attempt to gain social standing
Refrain from gesturing much, given the stiffness of the suit
Point at people if you want to disrespect the heck out of them
Be exceedingly formal with speech.
Be vocal about how shitty Skrell are for terraforming everything
Call humans lazy bastards
Try and score them duckets in any legal means possible
Act like everyone is literally a part of NanoTrasen
Fear the lizard men.

Fall in love
Badmouth your old guild
Take off that fucking suit
Wear bumper stickers
Leave any loadout points unused
Claim "I'm so different from other Zaddat".

Why do you want to play this species?: I don't really have any non-humans, besides a couple of synthetics. I want to branch out a little bit, and try roleplaying something strange to me.

Anything else you wish to add: Actually yes I do have something to add. Sorry if the application's...bad. I have a real thing about not being good at bureaucratic stuff. But I am willing to work with folks to improve things.
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Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:55 am

Alright you've clearly read the roleplay guide, but I need to know a good deal more about the species' background before I approve this. Tell me a little bit about the relationship between Zaddat and the Moghes Hegemony, the general childhood history of Zaddat, the guilds, and what the hell they're doing in human space.

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