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BYOND Key: DasIrrlicht

Species you want to apply for: Zaddat

Name of Characters In-game: Ashema Rea and Arianna Braun, give or take a bunch of chars on my characterlist.

How long you've been playing Polaris: I am guessing nine to ten months?

Some example names of the species:
Heavy in buzzing-like 'Z' noises and harsh consonants, names like 'Azhox', 'Itvi' or maybe 'Ilztzyr' (thanks namegenerator). Interestingly, their Surnames follow the same schema, since they usually take the personal name of their original guildmasters for this purpose. Before becoming part of a guild, 'Iz' stands in as familyname, with permanently guildless also taking this up. Some do, take their guildnames, colonynames or Xohox (a name chosen to please the Unathi Government, somehow) in order to further their own stand by leaching of the importance of these names.

Summarise what you know about the species:
Originally from the planet Xohok, rapid industrialisation resulted in the air becoming unbreathable, effectifly turning the already niche, high pressure, high oxygen world required for Zaddat to survive into a post-apocaliptic planet not suited for continued survival.

This, in turn, explains their most visible cultural and to outsiders obvious cultural trait. The Shroud, a universal superior Voidsuit with integrated lifesuportsystems and free of the nasty sideeffects of other species suits, like the inability to eat or drink. Overall more resistant against puncture and most biological dangers, its main downside is the lack of different designs. Because of that, it is often decorated with badges, pins and overall tends to have a 'punk'ish look to it, or in some cases going for a military galauniforms style of decoration. It is important to note that the Shroud, while not nessescary to be worn in their own Colonyships, is also commonly worn by them whenever not in their private quaters. Being in public without it would be, to say it lightly, quite unprofessional.

Since, as noted, their homeworld is not fit for survival anymore, the overwhelming majority of Zaddat live in Colonieships, only partly comparable to ships of the self sufficiency of Shelf. This colonies, while being flying citys covering the zaddats basic needs, are unable to conduct extensive repairs themself, or even build new ones, without the help of external, non-Zaddat shipyards. Infact, the main reason that this ships exist is the fact that they lacked the resources needed for extensive terraforming (as Skrell do) or even build dome-style colonies on less optimal planets (what humans commonly option for). Instead, they are living of the exchange of work for materials and facilities of whatever species space they occupy, basically requirering constant good relations with whoever patrons them.

Said Colonie-ships are controlled by the Guilds in which the Zaddats seperate each other. This system, simelar to the cast-system of skrell only from the most superficial viewpoint, does infullence most of the life of them. The guild one ends up in is not chosen by birth, but by the individual itself upon reaching the age of 6. They plege loyality to a specific guildmaster, which will act as a surrogate parent, while the rest of the guild will be in a position compareable to a family to them. After around ten years of apprenticeship, they will get ranked journeyman, and as such are the equivalent of legally adult, gaining political and economical autonomy.

While leadership within a guild is mainly determent by seniority and competence in their field, the amount of different guilds needed to run a colony is immense, since many general directions do split down into specialised groups. Thankfully, the spirit of internal competition and the fact that nearly no guild holds a monopoly on their dutys prevents the system to break down, since no task goes unfullfilled for long.
The most common and Powerfull Guilds, as known to mankind and the wiki are:
- The Spacers Guild
Once a small splitoff of the Engineers Guild, they are the public face of the Zaddat.
Navigators, Asteroidminers, the guys commonly out there talking with other species because 'Well, it helps us do our job of finding a new home.' The other guilds see them taking up the mantle of diplomats up as a obvious try to gain more infulence, but their position in Zaddat society is unlikely to be challenged in the forseeable future.
- The Engineers Guild
The parentguild of the spacers and the backbone of Zeddat society, they represent most of the labour and are the ones keeping the colonies running. Respected for their talents, it is not uncommon for their members to look somewhat down on the other guilds as parasites living from their sucess. This viewpoint is not offically or publicy shared by most, trough.
- The Noble Guild
While the title 'Noble' is mainly a relict of old times, they are still one of the most important elements of Zaddat Culture. Mainly concerning themself with the rearing of pre-apprenticeship Zaddat, they are the groundstone of education, universal culture and population. Aproximately 90% of all fertile females are part of this guild, and basically the only guild that holds a tight monopoly on their position, their infullence is nondebatable. True to their namessake, the higher guildmasters still carry noble titles, up to the ones of queens.
- The Droning Guild
While in Unathi-Space, under infulence of the Hegemony basically non existant, many Spacers and Engineers formed this guild shortly after being accepted into human-space. This Zaddat see the potential in comparable cheap, mass produced drones to fill the ranks of dangerous or problematic work. From automated cleaning of sewagepipes and external repairs of the colonieships, up to safe mining and in general, simply bolstering the numbers of the Zaddat. (Obviously, this can easily poke into the specialtys of the other guilds, so I expect a fair amount of internal tension.)
- The Art Houses
If there were not the noble guild, the title would fall to this less unified group of guilds. Offering only a limited number of Zaddats apprenticeship and being known for the high quality of Designs and Entertainment they provide, they are also slightly arogant, not even actively taking part in the political struggles inside the Colonies. They usually represent a voice of moderation on the matters, in the end helping heavily in smothening out internal conflicts.

Under their shrouds, the Zaddat body is make up of a weak Endoskeleton, supporting form and structual integrety of a more stable, chitinous exoskeleton. A symbiotic organism, acting as a way of a second skin, covers most of the body additional to the shroud. (By this point, it would not be to much to say that they are layered.) Their head does bear heavy resemblance to crickets, in that their mouth contains retractable mandibles for eating and distinct insectoid soundproduction.
The fact that the ancestorial species is sugested to have had eight legs, evolutional traces still present in form vestigial limbs on the females torso, would sugest a closer relation to arachnides then insectoids, but given their otherwise more Jellyfish-like traits of their flesh (and the fact that they as related to earth-lifeforms as Skrell, Unathi or even Vox, [from a evolutionary standpoint only{, of course}]), both comparisons are already a stretch.

A freshly hatched Zaddat is called a polyp, a Jellyfish like Gasbag flying into the upper atmosphere to photosynthesize. Using energy from this progress, the cellmaterial the polyp is made of and their internal gasresevoir, the polyp metamorphs in a multible month progress into a working body for, ending with the neural net and reproductive organs, the later will often be skipped out in the maturingprogress because of unfavourable conditions not giving the polyp the needed energy to finalize their development. Once done, the polyp lowers itself back to the surface, any rests of the gasbags likely shedding itself after landing, and a state of massive neural development sets in, allowing it to quickly learn knowlege needed to survive, as well as all other things, in its youngest, sentient state.

Since most Zaddat get not the luxury of a regular birth on a planet and even that who do have massive polution playing into the progress, a majority of Zaddat are infertile. About the look of a Zaddat nursery can I only speculate, but the only two senseable approaches are eigther seperate vats for seperate eggs (or clutches, depends how big is a zaddat child, really), making them basically vatborn without the cloning-thing... Or Room to hallsized Aviarys, which would be filled by polyps pressing agains a UV-lamp covering the whole ceeling. Personally, I expect both approaches to exist, in a try of the Noble-Guild to find out what is more effective.

Since it is fairly extensive already and the history of the Zaddat is a thing where specifics stay secret to outsiders, anyways, I will just add a direct quote from the wiki.
Before 700 - Division of labor sparks the formation of proto-guilds.

Before 2150 - Guilds lose power to the early Zaddat Monarchies, a heavily stratified system of autocracies ruled by fertile females.

Late 2100s - Revolutions sweep the habitable regions of Xohox, deposing the Queens or forcing them to consolidate power in the newly-born Noble Guild. Modern Guild system forms.

Early 2200's - Guild-sparked industrialization upsets Xohox's delicate ecosystem. The already cloudy skies grow dark.

Later 2200's - Zaddat society collapses as agriculture fails. Attempts to counter this by adopting photosynthetic symbiotes, while somewhat successful, also infect all Zaddat with their current inability to tolerate light.

2300's- Surviving guilds cluster around chemosynthetic and artificially-lit farms. All Zaddat outside of a Guild perish. Society begins to acclimate to the current status-quo.

2341- Unathi Hegemony discovers the Zaddat on Xohox and establish Xohox Base to administer their new "converts" after a brief show of military power.

2380- A collection of former industrial guilds successfully negotiate with the Hegemony for assistance constructing the first Shrouds and Colonies. They form the Spacer Guild.

2403 - Mining and construction facilities constructed on Xohox' dwarf moon Hixo. Hegemony pleased with growth of Zaddat industrial base.

2424 - The Trade Guild, the largest of the guilds before the Dark Sky, emerge from space into habitats constructed by the Spacers and negotiate a number of contracts with the Hegemony and client races.

2451 - Tensions between in-system interests and the Spacers and their allies spark the Trade War. Spacers vastly outclass the homeworld Zaddat in technology and in-orbit assets, and defeat and absorb the Trade Guild.

2470s(?) - Unathi-Schierian war leads the Spacer Guild to re-ignite dorment industry on the surface of Xohox to provide for the war effort.

2480 - Xohox's sky goes completely dark, crippling agriculture a second time. Zaddat power firmly consolidates in the hands of the Spacer Guild.

2508 - Contact War. Zaddat contribution negligible.

2512 - Losses during the Wars lead to the Iku Clan, noted diplomats and spies, taking control of Xohox Base.

2526 - A landmark agreement with the High Circle permits the Zaddat to travel freely throughout most of Hegemony space, owing to "the nomadic nature of [their] people".

2533 - The War Guild, previously a supporter of the Spacer Zaddat and a critical asset during the Trade War, leaves the Spacer Fleet and takes up residence near Xohox Base for undisclosed reasons.

2537 - Zaddat play vital support role in improving relations with human and Skrell colonists in Hegemony space

2548 - Fourth Great Reformation of the Unity spurs greatly improved Unathi-Zaddat relations.

2550 - Spacer Zaddat broker second agreement with the High Circle, permitting them free range throughout all space provided they bring an Unathi escort. Spacer Fleet becomes a wandering Hegemony exclave within SolGov space.

2553 - Spacer Fleet settles in Raphael and nearby systems, offering engineering assistance with colonization efforts in-system.

2554 - Zaddat targeted by Lizard Riots in the system, prompting the Fleet to depart for the Golden Crescent after the destruction of the Colony Dawn by disgruntled Raphaelian workers.

2555 - Formation of the Droning Guild during Fleet transit in the Bowl.

2558 - Arrival of the Fleet in the Golden Crescent. Hoping to avoid a second Raphael incident, individual Colonies split from the main fleet and maintain a presence in nearly every system in the region.

2562 - Present day.
I also take it that 'Present Day' Will be announced by a IC-News as "Oh, a Colonieship did arrive at the Vir-System. Icarus People scream 'Unathi send their underlings to undermine us!', Shadow Guys exclaim 'We need to cooperate with them, because it is right to do so!', Sif-Populance sighs 'At least they do not build Skrell Farms on the planet, we fuck it up enogth as it is.' and a Crewmember of the NLS Southern Cross and employee of NT says 'Oh, new coworkers.' before going back to the bar. Or anything hitting simelar conflicted beats on this thema.

Zaddat have a slightly uniqe spin on the Unathis religion, the Unity. While values like disciplin and devotion to ones craft and kin were already a constant in their system, elements like the sun-worship of Uueoa-Esa did fit well to their current situation. Their lightsensitivity, a sideeffect of their symbiots overgrowth initiated by light, seems to them like divine punishment for the actions that ruined their homeworld. To this not exactly small part of Zaddat society, the Unathi were divinely guided saviors and the search for a coloniseable planet as a religious pilgrimage, a view the Hegemony supports and the Spacer Guilds heavily profits from.

But while the Unity is in general belived in, it is, not at least because of situation and the fact that their average lifespan currently is only 90 years, if only deaths of old age are counted, not actively practiced. While values get uphold, their religious meaning is not in the foreground. Religious rituals are less commonly performed then from, for example a Unathi, but their overall readyness to follow the Unity was what allowed them to leave the Hegemony space in the first place.

Since the relations are few and far between and most of this is more educated guesses how they would evolve/have evolved in mainly the last 12 years of Sol-Space existence, give or take encounters with human and skrell active in Unathi-Space. So here is a second wiki-quote.
Humans: The Spacer Zaddat are grateful for SolGov hosting the Spacer Colonies, but leadership remains firmly with the Moghes Hegemony. Most Spacer Zaddat understand that they exist in SolGov space as part of a complicated game of espionage and diplomacy and avoid worsening international relations when possible.

Positronics: Positronics and Zaddat often compete for the same jobs, and positronics were chief among those who expelled them from the Precursor's Crypt. Racial tensions run high.

Drones: Complex automated machinery was out of Zaddat reach until their migration to SolGov. A large contingent of the Xozi Engineer Guild broke off to form the Droning Guild, which already holds a great deal of political power as many hope for drone technology to ease their burden of labor.

Prometheans: Prometheans have too small of a population for the Zaddat to have a unified opinion on them. They are generally viewed as a curiosity at best and a waste of resources at worst.

Skrell: The Inner Kingdoms were rejected as a potential host nation because of the Skrell's tendency to terraform any moderately-habitable world into a near-duplicate of Qerr'balak, leaving the odds of the Zaddat finding a replacement for Xohox fairly slim. Many Zaddat resent the Skrell for this callous disregard for native life.

Unathi: The Unathi Hegemony has ruled over Xohox and the Spacer Zaddat for centuries, and most Zaddat remain loyal to them and their Unity. This puts them at odds with the Unbound and Heretic Unathi who are most often found in Sol space.

Tajaran: Some forward-thinking Tajaran have proposed an alliance with the Zaddat, to reduce their dependence on Solar technology and scientists as they modernize their infrastructure, but the nomadic Zaddat are wary about being trapped within the Rarkajar Rift.

Diona: Several choruses have expressed interest in helping the Zaddat terraform a new homeworld, assuming a candidate can be found. Some of them have taken up residence in the life support systems of Zaddat Colonies.

The Zaddat, privately, sympathize with the Teshari as another race who has lost control of their homeworld, though neither of them have the technological, economic, or political capital to aid the other.
Vox: Vox... Anything else to say that is not obvious?

Lastly, they are now allowed in Security or Commandpositions on NT stations, for the obvious reason of being fairly new to the workforce and as such unreliabe (Also, suits do not take well to being shot). While theoretical able to work in civil rolls, they are better suited for every other legal position.

Why do you want to play this species?:
They are new, they are exciting, they let me get away with uncommon viewpoints and fit jobs well I got a interest in playing in.
I like their idea of Suit-People, I am always happy with (kinda) Insectoids and their Guildsystem is fairly reasonable to work with.

Anything else you wish to add:
Well, this is basically all the wiki, take a few details and add a few personal toughs.
There is probably still much to fix and change, but I will try with this version, took me long enogth to finish it up...
Also, First.

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i'll uh, leave this up for when they're actually ready for application? Sorry for the confusion.

(Looks good tho)

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Yeah you're approved for Zaddat. At this point you practically deserve a fuckin' editor's credit.

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