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megatronus - promethean

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:58 am
by megatronus
Species you want to apply for:
Name of Characters In-game:
Spare Parts, Pharamond, Helios, Joseph O'Brien, Dameon Rene
How long you've been playing Polaris:
179 days
Some example names of the species:
Sevacre, Mehl, Penumbral, Leo, Caoimhe O'Croith (however names can vary greatly since there isn't really a cultural line they follow when naming)
Summarise what you know about the species:
Prometheans are a recently created species (legalized for creation in 2546) originating from their Aetolus and larger slime relatives, because of how "new" they are, there are restricted rights as to what jobs they're allowed such as any sort of head and some medical. All prometheans require a guardian, whether it's their science department or an independent person. Prometheans are a species who learn through mimicry and though they will pick up the culture and quirks of humanoids around themselves, they are still an independent personality. Included in their individuality is their color and preferences in how they show emotion, some prometheans will be predisposed to have certain behavioral patterns over others, such as red prometheans being quicker to anger and pink prometheans being more empathetic (or in contrast sadistic). Their body is corrosive, meaning they should be careful when handling certain materials (including people) and most tools and materials used should be treated specially and accordingly.

Despite their vulnerability to water, Prometheans are resilient and able to absorb most any "desirable" material such as dirt, meat, blood etcetera, and are able to filter out most any undesirable materials. Radiation bears no harmful consequences to Prometheans, however if they become irradiated they will become a glow stick. Prometheans, however, are sensitive physically to high velocities and extreme temperatures, especially burns. Their limbs do not detach in the conventional way an organic would, instead it will pop off and splatter on the floor and their skeleton is a pliable Macro-cytoskeleton which is more sensitive to trauma than the outer layers. If given enough sustenance, a Promethean should be able to regenerate any limb save for their core and or torso. If the core is separated, phoron can be used to regenerate their body. Separation from a living mass can result in severe damage to the core and even true death. Cloning is a difficult procedure for prometheans, and may not always be effective.

The way a Promethean begins is an embryonic core surrounded in amniotic fluid and can finish a gestational period in only a few minutes depending on how quickly it begins to absorb materials and how much food is provided. Prometheans develop much quicker than other humanoid species, however speech and problem solving is learned through mimicry. The environment a promethean is raised in greatly effects the behavior of a slime, including but not limited to anti-social tendencies. Since Prometheans are a new race, there isn't truly a "promethean culture" so much as there is simply prometheans eagerly learning the actions of their caretakers and surroundings.
Why do you want to play this species?:
Prometheans strike me as a very interesting species, and their lore is incredibly interesting! Fictional science is my favorite subject to delve into, and to immerse myself into that sort of story with a character who is a direct result of some far off science we may never achieve sounds infinitesimally engaging. I've been thinking about Prometheans for a while now, and finally decided to drop in an application.

Re: megatronus - promethean

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:18 pm
by Mechoid
Alroighty. You seem to have the biological and color-system down, though a few questions.

What might the current political climate mean for a Promethean? What might an average Sol citizen think of them?

What mistakes may a Guardian make with a Promethean?

How might an AI affect guardianship?

Re: megatronus - promethean

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:47 pm
by megatronus
For Political Climate- There's a civil war where Almach separated from Sol. The Prometheans are caught in the middle of this, and so while also being a new species they're now caught in the middle of a war climate. Sol citizens could be wary or possibly even aggressive towards a promethean because of this.

For mistakes a Guardian might make- Guardians might "baby" a slime for too long, or neglect how quickly they learn by forgetting just how quick their learning process really is, leading to potential stunted learning or other mental inhibitions. Another potential issue would be not properly discouraging introverted behavior.

How an AI might affect guardianship- If the AI is class B or higher, then the promethean is not required to live with their guardian, but they still have to remain inside the same system of their guardian.

Re: megatronus - promethean

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:05 am
by Mechoid
Alrightorino, we don't have a shooting war, just a cold one, but it still fits. You seem to have it down enough for me to give my trust. +1 from myself, and if you need any questions answered we have the misc zone on the wiki, or myself / khold in case it's not there.