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Species you want to apply for: Skrell

Name of Characters In-game: Rachel Squire/Rosangel Fladow

How long you've been playing Polaris: Roughly 2 months, probably joined 30th July 2020.

Some example names of the species: xer'qaeum

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:

Eat only fungi, although vegetables are fine. Do not eat meat. In fact, probably a safe bet to give a slightly uneasy expression when seeing it near me.

No alcohol bar the tiniest amount, especially if an adult. Don't want to accidentally kill myself with alcohol poisoning or, more likely, just cause myself to go completely hammered within the first few moments at the bar.

There's a lot to the language to the point of normal humans deeply struggling with learning it. Warbling as a symbol of excitement or interest and a sound I'll probably use quite often.

Following the caste system, especially regarding the fact I will most likely be playing as Malish-Katish more than most. This means I'll largely be an academic, though somewhat critical of the status quo. Though not too much, obviously. Since Skrell are already highly educated, this is even more amplified for Malish-Katish. So that needs to be a high priority while playing as them.

Skrellian language is hard, but luckily you don't really have to use it very much. Emotion is a lot more important or fine tuned, so any minor inflection could mean they're actually very invested. This will probably involve me being far less aggressive with speech, and needing to be more subtle. Human attempts to fully understand it involve deep mental pain in their attempts.

Could be a fun detail of me learning Sol from someone with a rather bizarre accent, since Skrell's pick it up based on whoever taught them it.

Why do you want to play this species?:

I've been playing very much similar human characters for a while now, and I want to try something more diverse. I've been waiting for a while in order to apply since I thought I'd need some time to actually get used to the game however. I'm friends with two regular skrell players who have been helpful in figuring out what they're about, how to play them, and different character concepts for them.
Anything else you wish to add:

I've known the skrell existing far longer than I've actually like, played the game due to Baguette. I find that quite funny.


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Hokay, gonna ask a few clarifying questions:

a) What's the general positioning of the Skrell in the galaxy?

b) What recent events might influence the way people view the Skrell?

c) What's the relationship between the Skrell and the Teshari?

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They're the top dog species, or at least the most powerful one. Realistically they're the ones who are the strongest, but humans are beginning to seemingly catch up due to their more relaxed social structure and willingness to break social norms for scientific progress. Then there's the difference between far-skrell and near-skrell, with near-skrell being the ones we're familiar with. Far-skrell are more powerful than anyone, even near-skrell, but they rarely show up.

Probably the Solgov-Hegemony war in which humanity was favoured by the Skrell and they intervened on humanity's side. This led to increasingly favourable relations between Solgov and the Skrell, and there's even a small subset of skrell who journeyed to human space and desired a more relaxed social structure as a result. Skrell see them as a way to make money + do research they'd never risk doing, and humanity sees them as a technologically superior ally that could be valuable for advanced technology. So Skrell are largely favoured by humanity as a whole. Although, there is the point of the Almach, in which Skrell intervened and created the Almach Protectorat, destroying the previous Association. These are required to be pro-skrell in their government and the humans probably don't like being controlled by non-humans, souring personal relations of humanity with the Skrell, though not necessarily Solgov.

The Teshari are seen as essentially little brothers to the Skrell due to them growing up on the same homeworld. They're usually low-cost laborers who do the jobs the Skrell don't want to. Teshari vary on their opinions, but Skrell from what I remember basically see them as inferior, or at least less useful.

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