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BYOND Key: Dirty Rat

Species you want to apply for: Tajaran

Name of Characters In-game: John Doe, Human. Tau Perara, Human.

How long you've been playing Polaris: A few dozen hours of server time for Polaris specifically.

Some example names of the species: Mitajwarr Zhan-Khanzen, Rirsam Hharar, Quarar Siid, Rrzar Njarir'Akhan,

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play: I hate writing essays but...
Anatomically speaking, Tajarans share many traits with the omnivorous mammals, specifically the big cats, of Earth. Tajaran anatomy implies that while they would have hunted most of their food as predators, they would often be forced to scavenge for easier to acquire sources of food such as plants and fruits, which eventually became more a common occurrence. This would explain the structure of their maws, having teeth and a snout more suited for tearing into flesh than a salad, further emphasized by their prominent incisors and underdeveloped molars.
Tajarans have two digitigrade legs ending in padded paws, thus they look like they're always standing on their tippy-toes to us Humans. To assist with balance, Tajarans have a long, non-prehensile tail, which they can also use to express emotional states. Their hands are more akin to quasi-paws than human hands, having padded palms to facilitate the ability to actually grip objects, as fur would be quite slippery. Their fingers are thicker and stubbier than that of a Human's, and the sizable talonlike claws that extend from their fingertips ensure that Human gloves will not fit them, similar to their problem with finding comfortable footwear. Due to the animalistic nature of their extremities and different leg stance compared to humans, most clothing, excepting hand and footwear, can be tailored to fit a Tajaran with only moderate discomfort. Standard hardsuits will NOT fit a Tajaran unless modified specifically for their anatomy. Hailing from a colder climate than Earth will be seeing in a long time. They are covered in a thick layer of fur, excluding their nostrils and the palms of their hands and feet, and have been known to grow a "mane" of thicker, darker fur around their neck and head. Tajarans have a highly developed sense of hearing due to their sensitive, manipulable ears, which can move to follow sounds and fold against the skull. Their vision is comparable to Human vision in normal conditions, though they posses extraordinary darkvision,with the trade off of naturally being more colorblind, and sensitive to bright lights, than Human eyes. Sexual dimorphism between males and females is evident, though to a lesser extent than humans, an example being the less pronounced breasts seen on Tajaran females. Males are usually about 175cm tall and 50-75kg with females being slightly shorter and thinner overall.
Tajarans most commonly speak the language Siik, made up of a range of pitches of yowls and trills which are repeatable by a Human, if trained to do so.
On ethnicity, there are three signifigant groups, being the Hharar, Njarir'Akhan, and Zhan-Khazan. The plentiful Hharar have come to be known as the "face" of the Tajaran race, and are the most commonly dealt with ethnicity by Mankind, having come to be known as the working class of the race. Njarir'Akhan are taller, thinner, and have softer features when compared to the Hharar, having a more predatory gait than the Hharar, and fur more comparable to brown velvet than the more tan silk fur of the Hharar. The Zhan-Khanzan are the least commonly seen ethnicity, having a taller average height of 200cm, and being known for their prominent musculature, along with their coarse fur which is mostly seen in shades of greyscale.
On their society, The Tajarans have historically divided themselves based on ethnic lines, with further tribalism sprouting from withing the aforementioned ethnic groups. Organized cities were first mentioned within 400 years of their recorded history, with the well known Hhararan walled cities being established 400 years after that. Around 1651, the lands of the Hharar were unified under one empire after conquest by Selim Hadii, creating the First Selem Empire. 300 years later, The Succession Wars begin at the collapse of the Selim Empire as shattered kingdoms fight for control. The wars end in 1923 with the Mjrir Dynasty ruling supreme. Their lust for expansion leads to many border and social conflics in their history. In this time, advanced machinery, factories, engines and general life improvements blossom as a crude industrialist age is realized. In 1940, the first Unification War was fought, which left the vast majority of ethnic diversity in Tajarans extinct. Communications and aviation technology improve, and in 200 years, a second Unification war is fought, followed by 2 more bloody conflicts through the centuries, ending in a Fifth "cold" Unification war, which focused more on technological gains rather than military conquests. In the mid 2200s, the first computer is built, which eventually leads the Tajaran people into planetary space in the 2400s. A sixth Unification war was attempted by the Hakar, but does not result in anything significant . By the 2500s, Tajaran technology has allowed interplanetary travel and operations throughout their solar system, as the first signs of Human contact are unknowingly discovered as radio broadcasts. In 2522, Human-Tajaran contact is established and cooperations between the groups brings Tajarans into the final frontier as a relatively newer race, seen as technologically primative in comparison to Humanity.
Many Tajarans are known to follow the teachings of Tajr-kii Rarkajar, referencing the God-kings of ancient times and having heavy sunlight based motifs. It is a religion which teaches the belief of a spiritual self and reincarnation past the afterlife.

Why do you want to play this species?: There is a concerning lack of cat people on the Southern Cross. I am doing my part to boost the population of this race, and it might make the station look more "diverse" for some good IC PR.

Anything else you wish to add: Are Tajarans disturbed by house cats?

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Alrighty so, good news and bad news. Good news is, the app itself is fine, not really seeing any issues pop out at me, that's good to go. But the one issue, and i meant to let you know on Discord beforehand and then it clean slipped my mind by the time i had to leave for work, is i much prefer that players have been around for a couple of months at least to ensure they've had time to acclimate and i can check in with the admins to see how they've been doing. It doesn't have to be literally two months' worth of playing time all up, just as long as you've been decently active for that long it's fine.

Denied just for now, just bap me in a couple of months so i can check in on things and if it's all good then i'll approve it then.

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That's perfectly understandable, and thanks for the reply!

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