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BYOND Key: Homeuse

Species you want to apply for: Promethean

Name of Characters In-game:

Only *current* character I really play is Anna Kaiser.
In the past I have played Anita Popov as well.

How long you've been playing Polaris:

A little over a month.

Some example names of the species:

Caroline Miller, Yue Yan Hseuh, Sealy, Mili, etc.

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:

In behavior, prometheans, much like their body, tend to be very flexible, and adaptive to everything from new technologies to differing cultures. Although they're quick to pick up on existing things introduced to them, and curious by nature, a promethean's limited ability to grasp theoretical concepts, combined with their rather limited numbers, means they have yet to actually make any new progress in science. Beyond the universal traits, each individual's personality is also widely varying, with their color being a pretty good indicator of their current mood or characteristics, although this is by no means a way of concretely judging a promethean. In fact, they can change their color from their normal "standing" color through conscious effort. Although their genetics play a part in behavior, it's small when compared to much larger impact their environment has on them, as they're also fairly impressionable.

Their physiology is, in short, dangerous, but adaptive and amorphous. They present an extreme biohazard because of the fact that they corrode and absorb just about any organic material. As such, it's generally not a good idea for them to interact with regular organics for prolonged periods of time, especially not in a surgical environment. Also, however, this means that they've got a very broad source of nutrition, since any organic material can be assimilated into their body, even being able to withstand toxic substances that would otherwise be fatal to another organic. A signature characteristic of their anatomy is that they can change their shape at will. The newer the shape change, the flimsier and weaker the change is, with more long-term changes becoming more concrete, but less flexible. At the "core" (haha get it) of their anatomy is their nucleus. It acts as a brain equivalent in prometheans. Unfortunately, while this core is technically able to be cloned, it's not a really a good idea, as it results in severe defects in the newly cloned core, which would probably lead to an eventual death. However, the rest of their body can be regenerated, either naturally or through phoron injections.

History is quite short for them. Having a relatively short timeline, extreme adaptability and mimicry when meeting other cultures, prometheans don't really have a unified or consistent cultural history of their own. To humans, their creators, they're viewed favorably by the more technophilic, but are generally viewed neutrally or unfavorably by most others. This extends to their citizenship, which is questionable at best in all but the most accepting factions.

Speaking of citizenship, prometheans are always assigned a guardian who's responsible for them and their actions. That guardian need not live with the promethean per-say, but they must keep in at least some level of contact, the frequency of which varies with age, and must remain in the same solar system. Aside from being held accountable for their actions, the benefactor also controls the financials of a promethean. This is done through a joint account, in which a promethean must deposit all of their wages.

Why do you want to play this species?:

I've always been interested in mimic-y and moldability in aliens. The biology and special interactions with the environment that would be able to be roleplayed are the main reasons I want to play as this species. Them being super curious and adaptable, I think, fits well with my personality, which would make them much easier to roleplay.

Anything else you wish to add:

Not particularly. I know I'm relatively new, but I'm perfectly willing to learn, and I hope my tiny essay reflects that.
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Will notify Promm actual, if they don't get back to you within 48 hours of this post give me a buzz on the discord.

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Hokay, sorry for the delay.

Alrighty, you've got a bit of it down, though you're a bit greener than normal so I'm gonna throw some curves.

1) What is a recent political event that has affected the Prometheans?

2) What, in your opinion, is a mistake a Guardian might make when they apply to house a Promethean?

3) Around how long have Prometheans been on the galactic stage?

4) What planet do the Prometheans call 'home'?

5) What is the largest functional requirement for 'distance guardianship'?

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Totally okay! Thanks for replying.

1) I suppose you're talking about the Almach Association shenanigans? The coup that happened in 2562, and the utilization of "nearly unkillable Promethean bioweapons"

2) Um, well assuming it's a newer Promethean, they may underestimate the need for "child-proofing" given their messy and corrosive nature. Other mistakes might be underestimating the independence and intelligence of a Promethean, instead treating it more like a pet, which could wind up bad for both parties.

3) The first promethean was made in 2540.

4) Aetolus

5) The promethean and their guardian must be in the same system, and no further.

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Alrighty! I'm still a bit wary since you are quite new, though I'll give the benefit of the doubt and just keep my eye on you.

Almach's situation is indeed what I was referring to.

No one's actually quite gone with 'pet' before on regards to 2, normally people say they'd be treated like a human child, which is also something that can lead to problems. That's a new one.

Re: 3, correct, though most you see outside of Almach are a few years later and beyond, which was around when the actual legal mechanism for them was made.

Regarding 5, though, normally only guardians with enough money to have a B class (or higher) AI or on-staff observer can really pull it off, since it's not exactly a part-time job.

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