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BYOND Key: Psolus

Species you want to apply for: Tajaran

Name of Characters In-game:
Edaeya Zofa, Jonah, LUNA (aka SINA-498), SINA-7 (aka Charlotte), B.L.A.P. 5G XL Ultra, Tracy Hedera, Siobhan Catalpa, Darcy Pervinca (aka Hungry Pete), Teivi Kiida

How long you've been playing Polaris:
Since September-ish? If my finger counting is right, that’s about 6 months.

Some example names of the species:
The type of name is very dependent on the ethnicity of the Tajaran in question. To specify…

Hrarar: First name + Family/Clan name. Names have phonetics similar to Terran Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian elements.
Siik example: Ashya Hahrami
Hakar are the one subgroup of Hrarar which commonly implement middle names, usually as family honorifics. Phonetics can sound similar to Terran Icelandic.
Selem often have Terran Italian-sounding phonetics.

Njarir’Akhan: First name + family name. In formal situations, “enai-(family’s ruling house)” is tacked on the end. Has Japanese and Ancient Egyptian phonetics.
Njarjirii can have Spanish phonetics.
Example: Chii’akor Kasyir
Nerahni can have German phonetics.
Siirkhani have a two part first name (hyphenated) + family name. Has German and Italian phonetics.

Zhan-Khazan: Simple first name (1-2 syllables), no last name. If a last name is required, may write “Zhan-Khazan.”
Examples: Khal, Maaz, Rhem

Demonstrate that you understand the lore and behaviours necessarily to properly portray this species in your role-play:
Foof. Okay. Here we go!

On the topic of Tajaran biology…
We in the scientific community might classify them, mechanically, as “big space cats.” Getting into specifics, however…
They have a big ol’ cold-resistant (and heat-vulnerable) fur coat (absent only from their palms, soles, and inside their mouth/nose/etc), the color of which is generally dependant on their ethnicity. Hrarar tend to be between umber to pale tan, while Njarir’Ahkan are a bit darker and Zhan-Khazan are grays and whites. Many other physical features, such as fur density, height, and face build is also dependant on ethnicity. All Tajaran, however, possess manes (unless shaved), which tend to be a uniform color slightly darker than their body fur, though some ethnicities may have patterns within it. The males tend to be slightly taller than females; exact height is, once again, dependant on the ethnicity.
Their tooth structure is very similar to a raccoon’s, their omnivorous diet consisting mostly of meat, fat, and fruit. While they are capable of eating other things (harder foods probably to their chagrin, as their back molars are not well-developed for cell walls and stuff), caffeine should be avoided. Their eyes dilate and contract similarly to a cat’s, and have general color schemes of brown, gold, green, and on occasion blue and purple. Tajarans have very good hearing: They have cat-shaped ears which can rotate up to 90 degrees and retract back to the skull.
Like the adorable little bastards they are, Tajarans walk on their tip-toes, which (plus their stubby fingers, tails, and big ears), make wearing human-fitted hardsuits impossible. Their tails, while adorable, are non-prehensile and thus cannot act as a cool third hand--though it is muscled and its movement can be controlled to some extent.
Tajarans, unlike my own cat, can go quite a while without sleep. Their circadian cycle tends to be 30-32 hours of cognizance followed by 11-13 hours of sleep. They do like to nap, however, usually dotting their wake period with short naps, usually ranging 15-30 mins each. They can go a little over three days without sleep before they really start to crash and burn. Tajarans tend to live ~70 years, though this will likely be increasing as technology improves.
To summarize? Insomniatic space cat-raccoon ballerinas that will likely not appreciate a Starbucks gift card for Christmas.

On the topic of Meralar, the Tajaran base of operations…
Meralar, the home planet of Tajarans, exists in the Rarkajar system along with 9 other planets (all uninhabitable). The star Rarkajar itself is an A main sequence star, shining bluish-white, bigger and brighter than Sol. Rarkajar is described in the wiki as otherwise not being special :(
Meralar is an oxygen-rich planet with no moons and a large planetary ring, and it exists as the fourth planet away from Rarkajar. It, unsurprisingly, has a much longer day cycle than Earth, equating to around 43 hours long--most likely the reason behind the extensive Tajaran Circadian cycle. Also lining up with Tajaran biology, Meralar is overall fairly chilly, with the warmest area being a “tropical” belt between the northern and southern continent, which is actually more temperate in climate than tropical.This belt is the only consistently liquid area of the ocean, and it has become the largest trading route for ships on the planet. Like Earth, Meralar has two arctic ice caps at the poles. Meralar possesses many natural resources, and it is theorized that it came to be via the collision of two smaller planets.

On the topic of Tajaran ethnicities…
There are three main groups of Tajarans on Meralar, each with several subgroupings: Hrarar, Njarir’Akhan, and Zhan-Khazan.
Hrarar are the most populated Tajarans on Meralar and have done the majority of interstellar dealings with other species. They are made up of Siik, Hakar, and Selem subgroups. The Siik can be considered the ‘original’ Hrarar, and live mostly in the tropical belt of the northern continent (though many expansion attempts have occurred throughout history). Their government structure is mostly a collection of city-states and small kingdoms with antagonistic relationships with one another. The Hakar split from the original Siik when they first colonized Hakarraya. When the Selem Empire fell for the first time, the Hakar began splitting into their own mini-kingdoms, eventually leading to a series of “unification” wars hell-bent on taking each other out. Each remaining Hakar kingdom claims to be led by the “true God-Emperor”. The Selem rule the capitals Rakari (the original capital of the Selem Empire) and Hekari (the second capital of the S.E.). Having named themselves after the original emperor of the Selem empire, they often live on a bit of a high horse and supposedly have ambitions to reunify the city-states currently inhabited by Siik Tajarans.
Njarir’Akhan are made up of Njarjirii, Nerahni, and Siirkhani subgroups. Njarjirii are the original colonizers of the southern continent, whose current culture is based around maritime and trade. Each island populated by Njarjirii is populated by a ‘House’; while the Houses often fight with each other, they unite when faced with outside foes. Although Njarjirii were the first sea traders, this role has since been outdone by the Nerahni, who were hired by the First Selem Empire way back when. Nerahni spend much of their time on large ships, with each ship being home to the crew and their families. They are fairly nomadic--their only “true” home is the ship itself. The Siirkhani live in isolation on fertile islands, chiefly devoted in prayer and reverence of their prophet and founder Raniira Merar.
Zhan-Khazan are made of ‘Zhan-Khazan’, Shankamyan, and Rhemazar. The *subgroup* Zhan-Khazan are nomadic raiders in the very northern continent who regularly terrorize other territories during states of weakness. So, like, bullies. The Shankamyan live on the eastern continent, and they are noted as fairly aggressive and cannibalistic if need be. They have been left the *most* alone by other Tajaran groups. Rhemazar was formed after a large Zhan-Khazan raiding party “liberated” a decently-sized portion of the Selem Empire after it fell a second time. These raiders made an alliance with local Hrarar survivors, and together they formed their own community, currently led by a High Prince.

On the topic of Tajaran history…
Like most histories, it’s a fucking mess. It can largely be depicted as a series of fragmentation and attempted reformation between various, usually monarchical governments with hope of expansion--both territorial and population-wise. Throw in a smattering of raids from the Zhan-Khazan during times of weakness and desperation, and that’s Tajaran history, baby. One of the most significant empires worth mentioning is the Selem Empire, which was founded in 1651 by Selem Hadii and fell and rose many times (1st empire: 1651 - 1895. 2nd: 1923 - 2140. 3rd: 2150 - present). Originally formed after the usurpare of much of Hrarar territory, it pretty much kept the mindset of “expand, unite, convert!” throughout all three of its stages. Also pretty important to note the series of Hakar unification wars, the first one beginning in 1940 as a bunch of petty squabbles between mini Hakar kingdoms… which is somewhat in similar nature to the next three. The 5th war ends in a strange Cold War scenario space race between Krebar, Malani, Rukur, Mirsaw, and Rorlor (Krebar “won”, so to speak). The 6th war was a fucking joke.
Nowadays, the Tajarans have since advanced in technology and have begun colonizing space and have become an ambitious part of intergalactic affairs. They currently have claim over Arrakthiir and Mesomori, two nearby star systems. Some Tajarans living off-planet have formed a confederation called the Alajir Iniye, but, as it has always been, Tajarans are still largely fractured in political holdings.

On the topic of Tajaran language…
There are many Tajaran languages: Siik, Alai, Akhani, Hakari, Siikelem, Rrhangarr, and Ahkani. All Tajaran languages (except Alai), however, are very expressive in tone and pitch. As for who speaks what…
Siik speak Siik.
Hakar speak Hakari.
Selem speak Siikelem; Selem who are not in the inner circles of the imperial family usually speak Siik as a second language.
Njarjirii speak Akhani.
Nerahni speak a cruder dialect of Akhani.
Zhan-Khazan speak Rrhangarr.
Shankamyan speak their own thing. It is derived from Rrhangarr.
Rhemazar speak Siik with many slang elements of Rrhangarr.
Alai (aka Siik’alai) is used by various Tajarans in most unisolated groups.
Hrarar Tajarans often roll their R’s when speaking Galactic Common--this is not universal between all Tajarans, however. All Tajaran languages save from Rrangarr and Akhani are Seleminite languages, and thus use the third person to refer to onesself. Most Tajarans who speak Galactic Common carry this feature over, using the first person only in trusting/affectionate situations. Alai is the standardized Tajaran sign language; despite having Hraran origins, it is used throughout many ethnicities.

Why do you want to play this species?:
I have three cats. I like cats. Including space cats that aren’t actually cats.

Anything else you wish to add:
Just some queeestionsss; there’s a lot so feel free not to answer if you don’t want:

Noticed that “Hrarar” on the wiki is spelled sometimes as “Hrarar”, sometimes as “Hharar”, and sometimes as “Hhrarar.” Are these interchangeable, is there a distinction that I am missing between the three, or is there a typo (if the last, which spelling should I use?)

I’m assuming that humans often have middle names, however these are rarely actually displayed by their character’s name. Would that be the same case for a Hakar Tajaran, or since their middle name acts as an honorific of sorts would they keep their middle name displayed on legal documents and such (aka would I give them three names on the character sheet)?

The wiki does not specify what language the Siirkhani speak. I’m making a guess as to some kind of dialect of Akhani….? Is that right?

Out of curiosity, are the claws retractable?

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Notifying Cat Actual, if no response by them in 48 hours message me on discord. Ty.

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Motherfucker literally the one week i forget to check the apps since nobody ever applies for Taj :v.

Tentatively approved, i've been informed of some concerns regarding your behavour as Tesh, i don't know the details, but i'm willing to give you a shot. Please do pay attention to what the moderation staff have to say if they've been in contact with you.

It's Hrarar, anything else is a typo.

Two names is fine. Nothing's actually stopping you from doing the full three names, but ultimately up to the individual if they want to display their full formal name or stick to the two for brevity and state their full name if asked.

Siirkhani speak a dialect of Akhani, yes.

The claws don't retract. They're the equivalent of nails nowadays.

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