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BYOND Key:FalseShepardPie

Species you want to apply for: Dionaea

Name of Characters In-game: Merideth Keln, Nalah Hunt, SINA-166/499/497/383, Johnathan Whitwick, Sunshine Basamoff, Nova Cyprett

How long you've been playing Polaris: ~1.5-2 months

Some example names of the species: They don't have proper names, instead using poetic descriptions of important events in their life like 'starlight twinkling through the tears of a rainforest'

Summarise what you know about the species:
Diona are plant-like beings comprised of nymphs. A Diona gestalt is a collection of ~11 nymphs in a trenchcoat clustered together into a human-sized being.
Eventually these gestalts make a sort of pilgrimage to a site orbiting a gas giant or star to become a station-sized cluster, forming advanced structures for things like self-propulsion.
These clusters feed off the gases and/or radiation, and store emissions for later uses, like trade. The cluster then produces more nymphs, all perfect clones,
which form into gestalts and spread to seek knowledge to contribute when they form a new cluster, so that they can create new and more effective structures.
The dionaea are photosynthetic and anaerobic, utilizing light or radiation for sustinence rather than food or oxygen. Also, as they are made up of many nymphs, their physical structure is highly mutable.

Relationships and Language:
The dionaea were discovered by the Skrell during an expidition to Epsilon Ursae Minoris. When they realized that the massive clusters were alive and sentient, they translated the odd
electromagnetic language called 'rootsong.' Once they could communicate, an agreement was reached(over the course of several years.) The dionaea would serve as Skrellian ships, terraformers, and sattelites,
and in return the skrell would sow diona seeds in places they cannot normally reach, and return them to the clusters when they had grown. The Skrell and dionaea maintain a good relationship, exchanging various goods and agreements.
The Unathi have also begun making diplomatic overtures, and the Diona are generally cordial with all species and groups. As their language is transmitted through radio waves (global) and infared radiation (local), smaller diona generally
speak other langauges when interfacing with other species. They do so using their mutable forms, which means it often sounds like a rather base-y monotone. They cannot speak skrellian because of this lack of pitch variation.

Government, culture, and mentality:
Dionaea don't have any governing bodies, and a clusters culture is determined by the experiences and knowledge brought to it by the individual nymphs. They are curious, passive, intelligent, and slow both physically and mentally.
They do not feel pain in the same way as humans, and have few recognizable emotions beyond curiosity, satisfaction, and frustration. However, as part of their information gathering instincts, diona gestalts will frequently take on
observed traits of those around them. They don't have any concept of personal space, and view themselves as a collective. They also lack any concept of intentionally inflicting harm, making them inherently nonviolent.

Why do you want to play this species?:
Who doesn't want to be a tree person? The dionaea are some of the most alien feeling aliens, with their plant-like nature really distinguishing them mechanically and rp-wise.
It sounds really interesting to play something so different. Also, again, who doesn't want to be a plant?

Anything else you wish to add: I promise to water them everyday and give them lots of radioactive emissions.

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Alright looks good don't turn into an axe maniac and you're clear to play a tree man.

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Don't worry, my trees will be avoiding axes as best they can. Quick question, any idea when I'll be officially white-listed/ able to make a diona character? I'm excited to be a bundle of tiny trees.

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Relevant ppl have been bugged, do not worry.

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