Needle's Cloak

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Item Name: Regal Cloak

Item Description: An old, well-worn yet immaculately-kept cloak, coloured in a royal shade of purple with gold trim. The fabric, while sturdy, allows for flowing movement, and it has a high, pointed collar.

If possible to alter the examine flavour text that only appears in the examine window, I'd like it to read "If you look closely at the trim, you can see some sort of glyphs embroidered in a fine stitch."

Item Type : Cloaks! Preferably the type that can be attached to other things, like suits/uniforms.

Link to Sprites: ... k.dmi?dl=0

Name of Character: Needle

Main Job of Character: Surgeon

How this item relates to your character: This is an old cloak that was gifted to Needle by an individual who was incredibly close to him at one point. It has incredibly sentimental value to him, and it may as well be a permanent part of his chassis for how often he wears it.

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Why has this gotten nothing?

Okay, Staff Side.

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No issue with it dev-side, though sadly the extra examine isn't possible.

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