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Mon Jul 13, 2020 11:03 am

The last thing you remember was being told by your ai to enter cryo due to some kind of emergency now you wake up you don’t know how long it’s been but everything is covered in dust and rusted how long were you under? You can hear you can hear something Moving around(not spiders I can’t handle the sound please tell me xenos are still in the code)

Crew were put into cryo for what ever reason, the cryo cells are malfunctioning so as an excuse for people to join late

You cold just add random rust walls and break off most parts of the station for this but keeping stuff like engineering medical rnd and sec mostly intact . Oh also break machines.

The main goal of the crew is to repair and see about escaping

I’d recommend putting some sort of creatures like xenomorphs or carps everywhere as a hazard and also just the fact it’s and old and broken station

And let me say this again please don’t use spiders I’ve got acrophobia from this servers love of giant spiders.
I’d put more but this event is rather self explanatory I’m pretty sure you guys have done it as it seems like a rather obvious event. The main forces would of course be the engineering department

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