The Janus heist event idea

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Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:24 am

A NT museum has reportedly received a functional Janus for display of course it won’t be on display for a while or ever if some one manages to steal it

A museum featuring a lot of different interesting things

Examples : fossils and artifacts from xeno arch
Exo suits and of course the mythical Janus
Anomalys that have been processed
Unused antag objects swarmers ,abductors, etc
A green house of exotic plants

Now then what roles are what

Cargo are the heist team

Cargo techs stealth specialists

Miners are bruisers

The quarter master is the guy at the hideout watching the cameras and making sure they don’t walk into sec

Sec would be sec

Rnd Would be curators responsible for stocking the museum at the start and rotating out displays according to the head curators whims (rd)

Director would the owner? I’m not sure what job but if wanted you can just lump him in with visitors

Chef and bartender of course have a food court

Everyone else is a visitor to the museum have a fun time looking at stuff that’s normally not available


The hideout where cargo/heist team decide on a plan and gear up (depending on how easy or hard you guys want it you can give them more cargo points to work with ) also get a shuttle with no restrictions allowing them to open any crates ordered or you can just use traitor uplinks

The museum the grand museum separated to how a museum is in real life different areas with different themes
A food court near the front
A sec department with no armory or cells but sec officers have a lethal weapon in their lockers Cause this is a museum but they do have valuable things on display
A storage room filled with different objects to display and a break room for the curator
A office for hos and head curator
A vault with the prize a Janus equipped with lethal and destructive weaponry for the “full effect” cause if the heist team reached it they win and can break out and head back

Minor additions or not really needed

Open and closed schedule

Dressing room for visitors to dress up how ever they want or group up (ooc allowed area)

Human crawl able vent system For some extra stealth options

Convert items displayed into cargo points or telecrystals by returning them to the hideout

This is really large and basically makes an Entire new game but I’ve been thinking about it and now I can leave it here to either be forgotten or denied And heck some one may do it

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