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Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:50 pm

Some minor QoL stuff I've seen while toying around TG derivitives that would be cool to have:

1. A sound on pulling a big item (Same as the regular grab sound). While a little jarring at first, the feedback is immensely useful for any job that needs to pull things. It also helps folks know when they are being wrestled.
2. Pulling a stack of construction items over other of the same type auto-stacking. - Very useful for rennovations, while not really changing much that the builder needs to do. It basically saves clicks rather than time.
3. Fireman carry/Piggyback! TG has it require two empty hands. Agressive Grab > Drag to sprite to carry someone on your back (presumably not tesh), while agressive grab > They drag their sprite to your back allows a piggyback. Lots of fun and useful for medical or assistants helping medical.
4. Alt-click to pick up monkies and other small simplemobs. There exists sprites for this, and it's nice/adorable to be able to manhandle pun-pun without having him kick/bite/scratch you because of shitty assistants beating on him. (Also it's useful to throw him into the kitchen... don't tell the HoP)

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