New Healthalyzer Sprites?

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:50 pm

A PR was put up yesterday to resprite the various levels of healthalyzer. I personally think they're nice sprites, but am not sure how well they'd fit with the general visual style of the rest of medical's equipment:

Please discuss.

Oh, and a quick disclaimer, unless there's super-active discussion here (which I don't think is likely given that this PR is likely a take-it-or-leave-it deal) this will likely also be discussed by staff at the staff meeting this sunday, and an action decided there. I do intend to bring up any comments, concerns, and overall trends from here at such, if the relevant persons are not present to voice their own opinions, so keep that in mind.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:09 pm

They're nice sprites but the shape of it just doesn't evoke the same feeling as our current ones. I'm not opposed to putting them in, but I'd like them better if they weren't so blocky in shape.

Also for quick visual reference, here's our current one.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:43 pm

I like the little animation that plays when it scans someone.

But the color feels a bit off. It feels like it'd fit in with science more than medical currently. Maybe tweak the grey more towards medical white or just flat out replace it with a white might help.

I also feel a bit off put by the basic scanner. Its the one that's going to get seen the most, and feels almost, too basic/generic. The older sprite had a teeny bit of color with the red yellow and green dots (which I assume were lights) and the shape wasn't a basic rectangle. The new one feels a bit flat and brickish, I almost want to argue they lack the 'personality' of the old one. Changing up the color might help with that, but it could just be bias after being used to the old scanner for so long. The new ones don't quite scream 'medical tool' to me. If it wasn't for the blue plus on the screen one could almost argue they're some new research scanner and I'd believe them.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:53 pm

Would like them to be similar in color scheme to the original health analyzer, but they are nice sprites. Really like the animations.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:56 pm

If I had to pick and choose I'd go for the newer sprites since they are both animated and SHINY. But I won't say no to any other ideas too.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:15 pm

I agree with Woodrat.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:31 pm

Adore the colour and animation, though the shape is a little off to me. That may just be from basically almost a decade of exposure to the current ones and rar change bad etc though.


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Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:02 am

I like them, for they stop making me think of the GameBoy Advance.

The improved looks the best, for it seems like R&D did actually take a existing an screwed parts not meant for it on it in order to 'improve' it.
But colours are a bit of...

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Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:24 am



From the git
In particular, all the main colors of the analyzers have been significantly brightened up, and the outlines have much more contrast than they did. In addition, I have added the three colored dot thingies to all the analyzers.

I have also decided to tack on an antenna to the basic model, seeing as the original also had one. I have also made the Advanced model's antennae more stubby and plastic-y, in order to attempt to make it look less 'lectric-y.

I'll wait for additional feedback before proceeding with these modifications. Also, thanks in advance to whoever forwards this to the forums, and thank you all for discussing this.

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Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:50 am

Increased contrast definitely helps make it feel larger, less like a brick and more like a tablet. Buttons and antenna are also a nice touch to make it less of a departure, and they look well done besides. Ater gives +1

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