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Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:13 pm

As was discussed at the staff meeting. Originally part of a PR but removed due to public outcry.
Gateway change proposition, 1-way to be only a spawnpoint. Too easy to justify 'Oh, something bad, leave.'. If someone wants to leave because of an antag OOCLY, they can still Cryo or ghost. Otherwise, it's difficult to [ICly] justify Cryo-ing when a blob is eating the station, as the Cryopods make you imobile and unable flee said blob.

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:29 am

I do agree that "why don't we just leave?" is an argument people could make IC, but it's also an argument for just heading down to Sif and going SSD in the dorms there as well.

OOCly, people will leave the round if they want to leave the round, through cryo/SSD. This just removes a legitimate way of doing that, leaving the only way of 'I'm going home' as waiting for the transfer shuttle.
ICly, this changes nothing, because the safety of the gateway and the safety of the outpost dorms are comparable in that neither puts you in danger. You don't need to use the gateway to escape a blob, you just need to not be on the station.

Some suspension of disbelief has always been required in order to play SS13, and this is the same here- you have to push aside the "shouldn't I just leave?" if you want to engage in the round, because engaging in the round and leaving the round are usually mutually exclusive. Either play a character who can't or won't run off when trouble comes looking, suspend your disbelief enough to engage in the round anyway, or disappear to Sif.

If someone wants to leave because of any reason OOCly, go ahead- we're not a prison, after all.
And if someone wants to leave ICly, they're only going to do that if the player also wants to leave- because as players, we can just go "nope, not leaving, this is a really fun round!". Even if you play a coward- suspension of disbelief is what keeps people in the round (otherwise everyone would just leave 24/7).

If antags want to keep people from escaping, they can sabotage the gateway. (Maybe make it easier for them to do this.) Cryo is still an option for leaving the round, so it's purely an IC 'mwuhahaha, no escape'. Another alternative could be to raise the stakes, making running away become less viable for selfless characters purely because of what might happen if people do. Back on the Northern Star, nobody would use the elevator to escape a blob even ICly, because then the blob keeps growing and takes over the residential deck and kills a bunch of people.

But in the end, the gateway- like cryo- is an OOC 'leave the round' tool, and should remain as such. If people feel forced to leave IC, then that's not a problem with the gateway, that's a problem with the inability to suspend disbelief and engage in the round- because they could leave IC (and go SSD in the Sif dorms) anyway.

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:25 pm

Misty pretty much covered all of the bases.

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Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:34 am

Although Misty hits the nail on the head, I need to add: If you're removing things because of concerns about folks leaving, maybe try looking at the rounds themselves, rather than looking to remove big things like that as a solution. Because it isn't.

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