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Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:13 am

This would probably be a fine enough idea. It's already done in a few other servers and it's literally fine. Characters aren't running around with endless knowledge in everything, roboticists aren't causing slime outbreaks, MD's aren't blowing things up in Chemistry - though they'll make their own medbelt since there's pretty much never a chemist anyway. People are generally respectful of not getting in the way of a persons job just because they have access to that persons workstation.

There really aren't any problems with this from a gameplay perspective, it works perfectly fine. If I had to exaggerate one aspect that it's created from a mole-hill to a mountain, some players think that they're required to know how to make Chems as an MD because they have access and because some MD's do their own medbelt when a Chemist isn't around. Some Scientists think they have to handle Robotics, some Miners think they have to handle Cargo Requests, etc etc, despite all of these people being told repeatedly by literally everybody that they don't and to stop worrying. But really that's more of a personal issue on their end anyway because nobody's saying they have to but for some reason they're still self-conscious.

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