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A bunch of random event suggestions:

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:34 pm
by Fenodyree
A MULE Bot’s AI leads it to random destinations and disables it’s safeties

The Robotics mech-fab produces a single rogue maintenance drone (Ghost trap?)

An electric fault starts a small fire in X wooden room

The a bunch of (human? Corgi?) meat shows up in the cold room

A holopad starts showing ghostly images

The teleporter glitches, teleporting people to the wilderness

A SMES or APC starts throwing Tesla bolts

A litter of puppies spawns in a bathroom

Box of money in maintenance with a note demanding:
  • Someone’s hand
  • The (Insert Head of Staff here)’s clothes
  • All the liquor on the station
  • (Whatever an admin on at the time thinks is cool)
ANGER crown makes wearer a thug

Naked non-crew in a patient room (Ghost trap)

Cult-Book spawns in the library (Makes a willing interactor a cultist)

Vicerator spawns in a crate

Cat adopts crewmember (Ghost trap, or AI with new AI?)

Crewmember gets a private radio message: (Possibly w’ thug or renegade status?)
  • Anonymous tip that someone’s after them
  • Various Creepy-ness
  • Request for them to do X
  • Warning about an upcoming (serious) random event
Body spawns in maintenance, infected by a virus (or something more sinister)

Crew received an SOS from coordinates on the surface
  • Person held hostage (grabs in a ghost?)
  • Someone crashed their ATV
  • Someone out of food and lost
  • Stuck in a spider’s web

Re: A bunch of random event suggestions:

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:34 am
by Woodrat
I like some of these. +1