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Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:02 am

Depends on what you designate as a 'major change'.

I'm fine with brain damage being the end-all factor in death. I've been asking for brain damage to be more deadly for a while now. I just don't want the rest of the system to be reworked for the sake of accomplishing it. Brute/Burn/Toxin/Oxy, 200 total = bad stuff, whether it's death or maybe it's when you go into some form of "horrible super-shock" and start taking bad brain damage, I'd like to keep it, or at least stay relatively close to it. Taking from the list of potential benefits,

- Our system is already fairly in depth, all things considered. If you WANT to just ignore everything aside from "this medicine heals brute, this one heals toxin, this one heals burn, this one heals oxy", then...sure, you can, but you're missing out on a fuck-ton of neat information. It's in depth enough for me to only play this department and no others, on no other codebases, for roughly four years, and still learn new stuff occasionally. It has plenty of content as it is.

- Making CPR useful could probably easily be done here without any huge overhauling or system changes.

- Chemicals fix everything because alternative treatment methods (multisurgery was removed, resulting in chemicals being faster in cases of numerous fractures or widespread organ damage, trauma kits heal value was nerfed, as were burn kits) were all nerfed or in some way made 'not as viable as they were before'. Some reagents do need a nerf, some honestly aren't as bad as people like to claim, I actually have a list of changes I'd personally like to see implemented that'd serve as a reagent nerf while buffing non-chemical methods so things remain roughly balanced.

- You can still defib someone if they're at 200+ brute, you just have to hope it's low enough that you can get them under that value with trauma kits. Doesn't happen as often, but it still happens.

None of these really stand out to me as benefits, and the fact they're evidently wanting to keep the relatively useless suit sensors makes me skeptical that this change will be something I'd have fun doing, which worries me especially because Medical is the only department I play, and Polaris-code, and its downstreams, are the only servers I play on. I've actually been somewhat stressing about this ever since Anewbe PM'd me about it back in Novmlember. Initial post says you're wanting to keep the vague suit sensors, which is another concern of mine, because not only is that one of my main issues with the baymed system, it makes me think "Well, what other personal dislikes are they wanting to port over?". I'm a bit invested in this, because this is literally the only reason I play SS13. The roleplaying, ERP for the relevant servers, the action, all other facets of gameplay, they're all sidelined. This medical system is why I play SS13. It's why I haven't "burnt out" on Medical or CMO all this time.

So... yeah. This entire thing has me concerned, and has had me concerned for more than a few months.

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