On the removal or significant alteration of Prometheans.

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Wed May 09, 2018 4:18 am

From my understanding, the current changes are:
Make Security weapons work on prommies. (This is good)
Makes drinks and alcohol bad for prommies. (In line with lore, dis is good.)
Made meds give prommies side effects. (This does nothing, because nobody gives prommies medicine. They don't need it due to their healing factor. I'd anticipate people only now give prommies the chems with positive side effects to boost them, if they're given anything at all.)
Made armor slow prommies a bit more. (Ambivalent, but sure, why not.)
Made toxins heal prommies. (Snuck in a buff, nice.)

The changes fail to address most of the other complaints in the thread. And the species maintainer hasn't even bothered to reply saying why they don't feel they're worth addressing, which is dismissive at best.

While perhaps one week which has admittedly been fairly low-population isn't a very good sample, I've noticed zero things actually... change, from the implementation of the new mechanics.

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Wed May 09, 2018 5:17 am

TBF it's only very low doses of very specific toxins that heal prometheans

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Wed May 09, 2018 5:21 am

Alright I've pulled my brain back into my head and figured out why the response of "get good" to "it's damn hard to kill a Promethean" wasn't satisfying.

It's very hard to disable a promethean. I don't really like killing people because they get salty in deadchat, but I DO like sending them off to medical to get medRP and also not chase me and put an end to my dastardly plans. The way regen works and promethean damage works in general is that, if you don't kill them, they get patched up VERY QUICKLY. I'm not actually certain how much them being difficult to nonlethally injure is a me thing versus an everyone else thing, but that's where I stand on the matter.

(Robots have a similar issue but at least if you bang up their legs enough they do have to limp over to robotics)

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Thu May 24, 2018 12:49 am

Right, now that I'm pretty confident I've found the crux of the issue that was hiding in the shadows as mentioned in my most recent Promethean PR, I'm going to actually respond to this thread instead of reading it and tinkering in the distance. Because someone poked me directly, I felt I should point out why I did not respond to it while I was working. And that is, what I saw, as the complete likelihood that solutions I proposed or pointed out would not be seen as sufficient, and it would just be pushed for them to be removed, or lose their actual regenerative ability anyway. I say lose, because if it's so slow it's near a human's, it's not there. And because I'm a stickler, that would mean their damage values would be tweaked to be more in-line with humans, because they have nothing special to compensate for at that point, making them just humanish-but-transparent.

My paranoid tendencies aside, I was not, in fact, ignoring this thread and I'm sorry it looked like I was to people who didn't contact me directly about it. The PRs beforehand were created due to complaints and concerns here and elsewhere, but as said person who poked me said, not everyone lurks on the github or teamspeak to see what's going on.

Edit: If the limb health at 20 instead of 5 doesn't end up being enough, I noted on the PR I'd tweak it after observation.

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