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Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:06 pm

So I've been told to put this stuff up here, but it's ideas for disabilities and allergies, that would be implemented via traits

A new tab would bd added: disabilities and stuff like hemophilia, colorblindness would be moved to it

Paraplegia: port from TG. character cannot walk, if are not in a chair they can only drag themselves around (maybe a free wheelchair to spawn with?)

Muteness: Port from Aurora. shouldn't be issues here, already seen a mute character before. TTS and sign language would be good
an idea pushed in TS was a handheld whiteboard, as a 'Visual TTS' kinda thing

Asthma: port from Aurora. add inhaler to load-out and medbay (what could trigger asthma attacks?)

Deafness: from TG, but not sure, could be too difficult/dangerous for a deaf crew member to be on station, can't hear warnings over comms, can only talk to others with sign language, PDA messaging

Blindness: from TG too, again unsure about it, maybe make the white cane increase the circle around you when you're blinded, to give it a use

Disabled characters would be restricted from what jobs they can do (no deaf HOS, blind explorer.) not sure about mechanically, but it'd be a bwoinking from an admin to join as a job which your character's disability disallowed, much like species-job restrictions.
Disabilities would be auto-added to medical records, giving the disabilities section on it a use


New tab: Allergies
options to pick many different things that your character would be allergic to
common things such as nuts, fish to things like gluten allergy, dairy
intolerance. guess just different reagents you can choose to be allergic to. maybe a few medicines too, but only a limited amount.

Possible effects from eating/coming into contact with allergens:
rashes, swelling of the throat, making it hard to breathe (oxyloss)

Add epipen-like item (in the loadout and medbay) that someone having an allergic
reaction could use to stop the reaction (not just slow/reduce the symptoms, that'd
be problematic with no med staff around to help the person)

Allergies are also auto-added to medical records
*maybe* an allergy checker terminal added to the kitchen so the cook can see if any of the crew are allergic to something? (would also allow traitor cooks to taint the food with those allergins and serve it to the person?)

Feel free to put your ideas and suggestions below!

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Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:25 am

I like it! I was actually thinking about this the other day and just saw your post for it. I personally think it would be pretty cool, and would give medbay some new things to treat that a minor rather than an occasional bruise or something super urgent ^_^

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