What even is food these days?

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Wed May 22, 2019 4:54 am

The last time I knew mosthalf anything about cooking, Skrell had non proteins and Protheans=true if dust

Also sandwiches, a doober baked fried candied cereal version of what I wanted was made and ported, and new crops were made. Oh and platters were nerfed so I could cater less food.

Anything I miss over the last while kitchen-wise?

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Wed May 22, 2019 3:17 pm

Tajara get toxic from coffee.
Skrell get toxic from protein, but can nom the funny fungi.
Deep Fryed raw potatosticks are still a thing.
Dryed Watermelon can be smoked.
Carrots are good for the eyes.
If you have antitox, ambrosia is a good way to heal your burns and brutes.
Prometheans do not like water, but most liquids do not include water.
Zaddat live from glucose-injections, because there are no pressurechambers on the cross, because there are no Zaddat on the cross.
Unathi and Teshari, while able to eat whatever, like flesh.
Tajara like flesh, but we added fishing and our cats have so much history with fish.
Monkey feast on the souls of bystanders.
Slimes feast on second hand soul, being monkeys.
Amber slimes are evil, because they feed you via spores in the air and the image in the head makes this feel... wrong.
The Guide to Food is outdated, just try to make ketchup.
The best food from vendors is syndicake, get via hacking for free.
4noRaisins are a prime source of cheap food.

I am unsure if, with fishing and fishfilets, we added fish-recepies. But you can allways go and use the condimaster to take out toxins Sif-Fish could have and stuff it in the oven.

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