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All things related to the Polaris community.
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For a vague sake of transparency and to make sure stuff does not get forgotten like it always does. Maybe.

-- Southern Cross --
-- Sort out remaining shuttle issues
-- Add ‘shuttle pilot’ and ‘Mech pilot’ role
-- Missing planetside flavor (Wildlife, RNG buildings, Ore Generation)
-- Crabs
(Delayed, mostly due to work on Xenbio 3.0. Expected to make progress in September. Cross z-level power transfer in place now. Spritework for doors 90% finished. Away Mission mapping in progress)
- Southern Cross test round? (Delayed, unknown when it will occur)
- Staff App Sheet (To Do, still to do)
- Investigate fancier loot systems (Looked into, considered, rebalance of the random loot system considered instead)
- Antag lore (Finished)
- Continued work on Almach lore (95% complete if not complete at this stage)
- Tests and balance of the collapsible AMR (In game, have not seen it been used)
- Escape Pods not auto launching or opening working (To Do, yet to be looked at)
- IRCbot discussion. (Tabled for now)
- Continued work on new sprites and vorestation sprites (Ongiong, door sprites almost done, work in place for floor tiles and floor decals)
- SOP and Corp Regs work (Ongoing, corporate regulations finished and live)
- Slimegrills (Promeathens live and on server)
- Fax templates? (Tabled, not worked on)
- Revert slimes to previous behavior or add previous behavior slimes (Pull up for Xenobio 3.0)
- Finalize Ticklag testing (Done. Settled on a ticklag of 0.6)
July - August, Github mergers
- Adjustment of Thunderdome cameras, indestructible now
- AI holopad speech and emotes handled differently
- Communicators can now understand speech with no default language
- SC Map Changes
- Oxyphoron change
- Tank and TTV changes
- Communicators can now speak EAL
- Mend synthetic repairs FBPs
- Sprite and mapping fixes in regards to bullets
- Qdel fix for Ling armor
- Boost to egun stun
- New limbs can no longer be attached over limb stumps
- Diona do not get nutrition from food
- Support started for species robolimbs
- Drink ‘balloon’ can be made
- Fix for mice idle behavior, also now a fix for them snuffling forever
- Several more macros replaced
- Colorable flatcap sprite fix
- More Morpheus ship names
- Hyperzine is no longer toxic
- Fix for the admin intercom
- Monkey cubes added to the traitor uplink
- More technomancer icons
- Cap on the negative effects of high-end drugs
- Adjustment of merc and heist numbers
- Collapsible AM added to the uplink
- Fallot Mr. Handy cyborg sprites added
- Click drag to cryostorage added
- Scrubbers can now scrub volatile fuel
- R-UST is now buildable in game
- Modifications to the illegal equipment module
- Blobs now detonate fuel tanks
- Changes to how darkvision works
- Prevents attachment of limbs over limb stumps and still allows FBP construction
- Changeling fake death fix
- Amendments to the readme
- Ports for shuttle sounds, fix for SC shuttles
- Tweaks to prometheans
- AI with powerless can be restored properly
- Overhaul to circuit pins
- Redo to how gloves prevent fingerprints
- changeling darkvision power added
- Admins can now write in blood as a ghost
- Ports of airlock sounds
- Fancy new powertools and sounds added
- Team traitor and autotraitor can order AM rifle
- Fixes for technomancer Qdels
- Fix for the red crowbar sprites
- Fix for surgery drill icon sprite
- Allowance of circuit printer to be upgraded
- Fix for capitalization of goggles and glasses
- Fix for scrambled equipment module
- Fix for ahelps being discolored
- Gripper fixes and updates
- Lower alien pay
- Assault rifle tweaks and fixes
- Allowance of guns in suit slots to appear on ones back
- QoL for Wheelchairs as well as adding them to the loadout
- Arrivals shuttle overhaul.
- QoL change for pAI chassis and speech verbs
- Sprite change, IV drips
- More sprites for Tesh clothing
- Sprite fix, microwave
- TEG price reduced
- Fix for capacitor upgrades in freezers doing nothing
- Safer spawns for player mice
- More items added to the biogenerator
- Change for transit icons in the map editor
- Fixes for dead simple mobs keeping their resting icon
- Positronic bootup noises added
- Removal of debug messages left in circuit pins
- Gun fixies, changes, SVD added
- Grayson Manu FBPs added (sprites)
- More Zippo sprites
- Status frame sprite changed
- Removal of hardsuit descriptions that name the station
- Tesla relays no longer draw power when full
September Plans
(May be added onto throughout the month of September)


Continued work on the Southern Cross map
Get the [Redacted] Staff App Sheet
Work on Standard Operation Procedure guidelines
Flesh out a ‘Game Master’ ‘Dungeon Master’ Staff role
Getting around to adding knives into the loadout (for great cost)
Fixing tabling bug
Looking into AR HUD stuff
Adjusting what clothing heisters spawn with (less Yarr pirate more rebel)
Get cyborgs properly synced up with their AI at the start of a Team Traitor round
Staff Check in Tally

Wishlist Stuff
(Stuff that’d be nice to have but lack of manpower ability on the staff side to get accomplished)


Get the Community involved with making away missions?
Have other admin events run rather than the standard bread and butter.
Look into the potential lag issues caused by carrying a flare.
Fix FBPs getting infected by borers (low priority)
Rework for Xenoflora
Rework for Xenoarch
Questioning beep for cyborgs
Fix for clusterbangs not working with mech grenade launchers
Fixes for guides on the wiki
Fix for Crisis borgs being unable to splint limbs.

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