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All things related to the Polaris community.
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Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:37 pm

For a vague sake of transparency and to make sure stuff does not get forgotten like it always does. Maybe.

- Get Southern Cross files pushed onto to git. (Completed)
- Organize Event Schedule. (Completed)
- Fix the following issues on the SC map.
-- Shuttles on the map are nonfunctional (Semi-resolved)
-- Missing planetside flavor (Wildlife, RNG buildings, Ore Generation) (To do)
-- Address long loading times (Done)
-- Nonfunctional items, including t-comms and Crew monitoring consoles (Completed)
- Check in with staff. (Completed)
- Staff App Sheet. (To Do)
- Discuss Promethean lore and race (lorejam). (Completed, pending inclusion)
- Investigate fancier loot systems. (To Do)
- Adding radio jammers to the loadout. (Completed)
- Antag lore. (To Do)
- Phoron on planet discussion (Briefly discussed nothing more done). (Completed, Phoron being included on planetside)
- Further discussion on antags and antagonism and balance (Ongoing).
- AI and synthetic systems, balance, and interactions with antagonism (Ongoing. Anti-AI spy kit stuff added, other ideas proposed).
- Escape Pods not auto launching or opening working. (To Do)
- Certain Technomancer Spells not working. (Majority of them have been fixed)
- Defibs not starting with power cells. (Fixed)
- IRCbot discussion. (To Do)
July, Github mergers

- New Gamemode, Team Traitor
- Qdel fix that caused an inability to use say/looc/ooc
- More ammunition naming fixes
- Staff can now be kicked for being logged on and AFK
- Paradise/Bay style Defibs now implemented
- Snowsuits added
- Hardsuit Siemens nerf
- AOOC functionality for certain antags
- Engineering and Construction borgs have been merged.
- Thompson Contender added.
- Material scanners and prescription ones added to loadout
- A bugfix for ‘mimic death()’
- Borgs allowed to pick up slime cores
- Fix for 44 mag sprites
- Tweak for mutagenic chemicals
- Re-addition of Jumper Cable kits
- Communicator cameras can no longer be seen from a modified camera console board
- .38 gun sound fix
- Anti-surveillance tools for traitors
- SC map loaded onto the git
- 6 shell quickloader clips for shotguns added, along with price adjustments
- Striped swimsuit added
- Communicators now make sounds for ghosts
- Fixes for rigsuits and skrell
- Cypherkey sprite adjustments
- Bugfixes for the map as well as quality of life improvements
- Layering issue fix with tree icons
- Forced antag draft removed
- Radio jammers added to the uplink
- Departmental winter boots added
- Medical gowns added
- Simple mobs now have a chance of missing attacks
- Material scanners and prescription ones added to loadout
- Fix for the smoking sprites of Teshari
- Addition of sweaters, a fountain pen, and new sprites for the galoshes
- Allowance of Hawaiian shirts and sweaters as overwear
- Directional icons for telescreens
- Fix for missing build icons for external airlocks
- Slugs are no longer available in an unhacked autolathe
- rolling the sleeves on a flannel shirt uncovers the arms
- QoL cyborg item changes
- Corgi, bird, and other sprites added to the pAI
- More cyborg sprites
- Cargo technician job added to the ID console
- intellicards replaced with ‘intellicores’ complete with a sprite change
- Cyborg electric welders can now be charged properly
- Hallucinations from the conversion rune lessoned
-Fingerless gloves added
- Multitool functionality added to the IECs
- Different Zippos added to the loadout
- Animal sprites added to ghost icons
- Lore friendly drinks added, adjustments to existing descriptions
- Marco Replacements
- Spider meat changed back to Xeno meat, spiders still get their own unique meat
- Blob glow is now green and dim
- Changes to how single tank bombs work and how single tanks behave
- Change to 5.56 relabeling them as 5.45
- Fix for the bomb zippo
- sprite fix for teshari EVA suits
- CentCom instead of Centcomm
- Fix for Technomancer Overload spell
- Fix for a runtime div/0
- R-UST ported to Polaris
- Medical scrubs now have sleeves that can be rolled down
- Increased size on laundry baskets
- Surgical caps added to the loadout
- Antag uplink QoL change
- Female Exec suit has a different name
- Allowance of click drag for cryo and cloner
- Fix for autoantag assigning to invalid mobs
- Ports of TG medibot sounds and other code adjustments
August plans

-- Southern Cross --
-- Sort out remaining shuttle issues
-- Add ‘shuttle pilot’ and ‘Mech pilot’ role
-- Missing planetside flavor (Wildlife, RNG buildings, Ore Generation)
-- Crabs
- Southern Cross test round? (Unknown)
- Staff App Sheet (To Do)
- Investigate fancier loot systems (To Do)
- Antag lore (Ongoing)
- Continued work on Almach lore (Ongoing)
- Tests and balance of the collapsible AMR
- Escape Pods not auto launching or opening working (To Do)
- IRCbot discussion. (To Do)
- Continued work on new sprites and vorestation sprites (Ongiong)
- SOP and Corp Regs work (Ongoing)
- Slimegrills (Ongiong)
- Fax templates?
- Revert slimes to previous behavior or add previous behavior slimes
- Finalize Ticklag testing

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The Metaplot, never 4get

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Woodrat wrote:
Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:37 pm
- Adding radio jammers to the loadout.
define radio jammers and define the loadout

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Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:00 pm

Meant uplink. And radio jammers are exactly what it says on the tin, Antag items that can block all radio comms within a certain range for roughly 60 seconds.

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Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:03 pm

That sounds better than loadout, thanks.

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Updated for August

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